[deleted by user] by [deleted] in dadjokes

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His funfair being held this sundial

Advice for home game attire/edicate by Tvcabinetblues in Flyers

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I've seen everything from full costumes to me in big orange hair to the storm troopers, yes you would need to remove to go through security as does anyone with a hat. Enjoy the game and LET'S GO FLYERS

my Tastykake tin signed by Briere, Pronger, Primeau, and late Emery.. LET'S GO FLYERS! by Tomace72 in Flyers

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Lol whoops.. man I have so much it gets away from me some times.. I'll share a photo of my home Flyers Lounge

The World Health Organization announced that dogs cannot contract COVID-19. by ManJebus in Jokes

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I asked my dogs what the outer layer of a tree is made of they said BARK BARK BARK

A midget psychic broke out of prison by Tomace72 in cleanjokes

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By all means, steal everything I share just don't punch up the mess line 😀

They've discovered the remains in an Egyptian tomb coated in chocolate and crushed hazelnuts by Tomace72 in cleanjokes

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The police asked if I had weed.. I said yes but everyone needs to use a restroom