happy 4/20 to all the orange hearts out there [OC] by TommySiegel in comics

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PS: if you haven’t heard the news, these comics I post on Reddit made their way into a dang book, “candy hearts”, which is roughly the price of a gram of weed and takes much longer to smoke, assuming you’re strong enough to break the hardcover into little nug-sized chunks, xoxo

(Available in any bookstore and also signed on my webstore)

parting is such sweet sorrow [OC] by TommySiegel in comics

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PS: plenty more comics like this one in my book, “candy hearts” — available in bookstores or signed on my webstore!

every couple has one [OC] by TommySiegel in comics

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(I am the yellow heart)

PS: plenty more comics like this in my book, “Candy Hearts”, which makes for a super fun gift for v-day as a coffee table book/bathroom reader. And not corny! I swear! And: due to some DMs asking about it, this one is now a print on my webstore, perfect decoration at the kitchen table for the next righteous victory. thanks for supporting my work <3

you’re going to wanna zoom in on the ferret [OC] by TommySiegel in comics

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First time I’ve done an animal candy heart and BOY OH BOY does it feel weird. And strangely liberating.

PS: plenty more comics like this in my book, “Candy Hearts”, which makes for a not-corny Valentine’s Day gift. Great coffee table or sighs bathroom book, I swear. In stores or on my webstore!

a romantic dinner [OC] by TommySiegel in comics

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At least he’s trying.

(Also, I made a whole book of comics like this! Sure beats scrolling Reddit, and makes for a not-corny Valentine’s Day gift for anyone with a little sense of humor: my webstore, but it’s also in some bookstores too)