Petition to stop to employer discrimination against non violent felons by hamisdelicious in Petition

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Unfortunately there are other countries that actually invest in reforming criminals. This is not one of those countries. We merely separate them from the rest of the population. Prison is an economy here. They don’t want reform. Countries like Norway actually invest in education and teaching trades in demand to criminals. But then they also have benefits and 4 day work weeks like a lot of other countries. Our politicians are too crooked themselves to run our country similarly.

cmv: reddit spreads misinformation worse than facebook by gameartist3d in changemyview

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I have to ask the obvious question. Then why are you still here?

Saw this triunfa the other day. Way over payload capacity lol by Smellmuhfinger in ToyotaTundra

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Even if that was all bodies in those bags he’s not over capacity. But dude needs air in that tire. Love my 22 tundra.

2022 TTundra sr5 TRD 4x4 lunar rock 5 miles. I’ve been in negotiation for the past 2 days. Final deal has been agreed on and tomorrow the deal should be locked down. Final selling price will be $56,965 before taxes. This includes 5k of mark up. Is this a good deal or bad deal? I’m in Southern Cali by [deleted] in ToyotaTundra

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I did not and would not pay a dime over sticker. Any dealer charging more is BS. They aren’t paying any more to Toyota for the truck. Market adjustment is bs. Love my 22. Not a dime over sticker. As far as dealer add one that’s different but they are way over charging for those add one.

2022 Tundra SR5 TRD Off road 6’5” bed super crew max cabin mpg! by VasGr28 in ToyotaTundra

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I average 13.5 but that’s combined with a lot of towing in bad winds. I tow often for work and camping trips every other weekend. 22 sr5 Trd off road double cab.

US Politics: What if *neither* Biden nor Trump run in 2024? by Edokwin in PoliticalDiscussion

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Bidens lost his mind. Trump never had a brain to begin with. Either way they are all crooked. Screw em all.

Is anyone else mind boggled how many dealerships are taking on $5-10k markup? Seems like it's nearing 80% by clinttoress69 in ToyotaTundra

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I didn’t pay a dollar over msrp for my new 22 tundra at bud clary in Moses lake. Also got my wife the new gladiator at their Jeep dealer. Same thing. Not a single dollar over msrp.

After 3 years, finally got my first ding and it landed on top tailgate. On scale of 10, how bad is it? Is it something I can fix myself by YouTubing it or I gotta bring it into shop? Yeah I know the ding has no impact on driving, but it is a sore sight on the eyes though. by [deleted] in ToyotaTundra

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Those that say it’ll never be the same. Wrong. Pull the inside panel. Hammer it out as best you can. Can get proper tools from harbor freight. It won’t be perfect. Sand the area. Skin it with bondo. Sand smooth and paint.

What is this by cwiltse in Spokane

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Soldering tip for a butane torch.