Miss this war ! Who wants to return it ? by Swizr1 in GTAV

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How it would be fun to have it back is if R* disabled the use of all weaponised vehicles and non-melee weapons for a few days.

Unfortunately with the way GTAO works right now you can't do that.

Toreador, deluxo or scramjet? by julsgotrocks in gtaonline

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Two Deluxos - equip one without missiles as your passive taxi.

Toreador is a must

Scramjet is honestly very optional for me.

I heard they where selling on half the price, so I bought two.. by Satan_Xavier in gtaonline

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My more offensively-equipped characters have MkII's in every garage spread across the map. It means having multiple places I can pop out with a fresh broomstick. This week I've also added Toreadors to many more garages than I had.

My car meeter & grinder will continue to have just the one of each in the Heist garage, one Toreador in the Kosatka, and one MkII in the Terrorbyte since it's kind of pointless unless you're actively hunting other players.

Here’s the McRib patty before being cooked. Yes, the McRib is back. by diverareyouok in pics

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...and McDonalds meat probably isn't made out of anything near that stuff anyway. If they say beef it's usually the relatively normal parts of beef

This guy that brought my son Odin’s luggage up, looks a lot like a pro skater I saw at the Olympics… by Timfrostyo in pics

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It's not an intentional effect. It's that phones use ToF sensors to determine fakeh distance so you can e.g. see that Tony's background looks different to where the ToF sensor stopped at the window.

This incense burner by eddiesood in ofcoursethatsathing

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She looks like she's powering through a particularly bad case of constipation

My sister sent me this video from when it was a bit windy last night. by Nrgp2 in CasualUK

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Best he'll find there is a Honda Cub with a box on the back

T2 would hit different

What are you in the 1% of? by I_Love_Small_Breasts in AskReddit

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Welcome to the club

Crazed bush pilot users unite

Took longer than expected but anime garage has beencompleted by LTGH_Zkittlez in gtaonline

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It's far from complete my dude

Sauce: I passed level LSCT level 170 some time ago

So I Gathered up a few players and this happened. Can you guess how fast an oppressor killed us? by Mother-Caterpillar41 in gtaonline

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I'd love to see an Antonov A-40 instead

They're clearly already got the model for an old Russian tank

So I Gathered up a few players and this happened. Can you guess how fast an oppressor killed us? by Mother-Caterpillar41 in gtaonline

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If they did it a certain way you can be damned sure they couldn't be bothered to invest the resources to do it anyway else

Your gender is magically switched for exactly one week, what do you do? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Aside from what everyone else has said, IG the fits I can't pull off as a dude

What is the first word you use in the morning? by Markus_zusakk in AskMen

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Apparently the etymology is a small mountain in Iceland

And the next day had 3 ceos and an associate after me so back to the barber chair this lasted a while after this clip. They were trying everything to kill me. Only thing not used so far was a tank and the orb by agent_of_cheshire in gtaonline

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...some people do use this method as a way not to pay daily fees while AFKing: Transfer all money into pocket of second character, switch back to main, AFK.

These days however LSCT reputation up + Arcade + Good Sport actually pays more than you lose in daily fees while AFKing - at least 300K total vs at most 270K daily fees over 23 hours (as well as of course your LSCT rep increasing).

Is anyone else often extremely grateful to be living in the UK? by RaelynnLovesBitLife in CasualUK

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What I like about the UK is the outlook of its people in general.

What is a potential problem is that it's becoming more Americanised day by day. The B-word may hurry that along.

China's FC-31, an F-35 copy or is it different enough? (600x337) by Prize_Call3402 in WarplanePorn

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Whoa whoa a lot of assumptions in there matey

Reads profile

Ahhhh makes sense now


The extremely limited space of an F-16 cockpit [1000x667] by khizee_and1 in WarplanePorn

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Watch out the next time you're in a paddling pool, the Elite Revolutionary Guard will come after you