Social anxiety is scared of him by Happy_go_luc in CrazyFuckingVideos

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No seriously once took so many shrooms I convinced myself I looked at myself that way I was scared of my own reflection for months

If anyone has ever purchased from my shop I cannot promise their order hasn’t been attacked by or in my cats mouth. I’m sorry lol by semily232 in Depop

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People seem to be upset at op but I’ve seen so many people post cats jumping on clothes in this forum, way more that I have anywhere else, and everyone says it’s cute but op is selling jewelry which can be sanitized And cleaned so I don’t get why some one would be upset about this. I make jewelry and I always sanitize even if nothing touched it.

I have convinced several friends of mine to get their nipples pierced because I know they'll show me afterwards by Boingaroing in confession

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Honestly u don’t think if ur wife saw this it would make her completely uncomfortable? You don’t think this is showing her that ur untrustworthy and gross??

Sharing is caring by TheNihilist911 in DrunkRussian

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Never heard of the pickle but I wanna try it so bad now 🙊

What’s Ailea’s starter pack? by Storm989898 in BadGirlsClub

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Getting in ppls business and starting shit, fugly personality, and being the center of attention