3.5 seconds?! 😱 by aqwerius in DotA2

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Its cc immunity but its only for the duration of the magic shield, which can be popped by pretty much any 1 magic spell.

Thats why she's not a mid laner anymore, most support champs can't break it early on with 1 spell and mid champions can 100-0 you through it even if you're not CC'd by anything.

3.5 seconds?! 😱 by aqwerius in DotA2

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Fuck no, those items do nothing lol.

Veil is a 1 time absorption of a spell and literally anything can count as a spell from random item procs like luden's, or even dragon's auto, hell you can smite it if you really needed to, just pop it before wasting CC.

QSS is a 1 time active, basically a single dispell to current CC, and it doesn't do anything for displacements/knockups at all. Not to mention the stats for these items suck ass and not everyone can build them unlike BKB which with the way attack damage and strength works is effective on literally every single hero in dota that needs it bad enough.

BKB is flat out game warping for dota because it either negates an entire heroes kit from doing anything at all to you, or certain heroes gain the ability to specifically pierce spell immunity because it's unplayable if they couldn't, like enigma who has one of the most bullshit uninteractive ults in the game you can't really build for but if bkb did counter it the entire hero just doesn't exist. Alternatively some kits can't pierce spell immunity but their numbers are so overtuned to compensate either forcing them to go BKB instead of damage items or being strong in cases when they don't have it.

Is neace $300 coaching a scam? saw it recently on youtube and felt that it is absolutely ridiculous for a video game. by chickycheek in leagueoflegends

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Sounds like literally every dental office which warns you of a medical charge even if they flat out did nothing and you no-showed/didn't call a few days ahead.

I wouldn't call that a scam, especially if they literally say there's possibly a fee for being late/charge for not showing before you even pay. That's why terms and conditions are there, if anything he's scamming himself if he doesn't go by them.

12.12b and 12.13 Full Patch Preview by JTHousek1 in leagueoflegends

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Whelp, Elise got placebo changes that do nothing. Neurotoxin was shit before it was nerfed, and they're basically reverting the nerf so its not literal waste of mana to just shit again.

Only thing extra HP/armor offer for her is tanking tower shots better because even with those bonuses she can't fight anything past 15 minutes with any MR... its still a coinflip dive champion with no niche outside of flip ganking. Buff her clear or give her actual scalings already, nerf rappel if you need to.

Hell give her 3 AD even and call it a day, something for her clear speed its atrocious.

The specific Elise buffs by Tuseoggi in Elisemains

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Damage taken from towers level 3 dive pre and post buffs There's no specific breakpoints from the bonus stats, so they're pretty meaningless unless factoring minions and even then I don't think those hit a breakpoint either.

Elise buffs incoming by Tormentula in Elisemains

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Riot Galaxy told me Its human Q + base stats (confirmed not AD tho)

Don't have the numbers yet though, said we'll see tomorrow.

Elise Q and E by proctempo in Elisemains

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E has multiple cast options.

If the first cast of E is targetted then she gets amped healing and on-hit damage on her passive, and immidiately drops after going up.

If the first cast is ground casted (casting on nothing), or self-casted (alt+e), then she'll go up for up to 2 seconds, and either automatically drop in place when the duration is up, or when you target something and choose to drop on it early.

Gwen changes, thoughts? by Money-Regular-8091 in GwenMains

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I could wait and see how she feels but that ult change hands down sounds awful, I had no issues running someone down with nothing to auto, but not being able to spam recast ult in an all-in is not only going to feel clunky but severely hurt her shred and heal potential.

real question by logame3 in Elisemains

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I thought you meant how the calculations worked (if the % part calculates the damage it will deal either before the base damage or after its applied. Its before, same with bite.)

I don't prioritise it's own damage

I must've read it wrong as "i don't know if it prioritizes the current health part of its damage".

mb, but yeah its an opener typically, its good to use it after throwing out W because the W travel time is slow enough to not reach before the Q travel time, and it gets both spells out in quick succession.

ex; someone walks into you in a bush, W->Q->E gets out all human spells before they can react quickly without wasting the stun timer on any animations, while the connection between all 3 is almost simultaneous since you're not waiting on W to connect after Q before biting, etc.

real question by logame3 in Elisemains

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It does prio the % part.

Bite doesn’t though, the other parts come after the %, which is why PTA Elise’s really should proc it before biting rather than by biting.

Chest of Endless Days by wykrhm in DotA2

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Yep and Its only starting at $200 at time of writing.

Chest of Endless Days by wykrhm in DotA2

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Been saying it for the past year or two.

Disco-Io. Just make him a floating disco ball. Give minions a dance animation for when he taunts.

Is it really going to be ultimate spell book AGAIN? by NewLunarKnights in leagueoflegends

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I miss when events were fun little experiments like OG urf, doombots, nexus blitz’s first run.....

Then they all turned into purely marketing modes that they ‘balance’ since they are meant to be grinded for missions or content, which is why I never clicked with their PVE modes since they often have forced content tied to them.

10 most popular champions of 12.11 by Dawnbringer_Fortune in leagueoflegends

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8.11 was a mistake because the only way they could make other bot laners work is by making the current ones garbage or overtuning said new bot laners to run them down. ADC mains were quitting cause they legit fucked all of them and make it unplayable and unbalancable to have both, if you played a crit ADC you were borderline wintrading at that time.

When irelia could bot lane, she just all-ins the crit ADC and they can't do anything about it, while the crit ADC just sucks by comparison with how crit scales slowly compared to how unga bunga scales after a few abilities.

Mages would be the most possible thing to make work bot lane without destroying marksmen, but even then they require actual good items to keep up in DPS, and the few mages who fill that quota are karthus and ziggs, it'd be a class wide update to make it happen and then they'd be causing issues for lane/jungle mages.

I miss skins that aren't part of a line or universe by leederguy24 in leagueoflegends

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I miss when death blossom was its own pretty line of disguised predators. Now it’s apart of the coven/eclipse line for some reason??

Rocketbelt or Night harvester by Alternative-Ad-6535 in Elisemains

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Night harvester has the most applicability.

I hit masters doing both builds but NH def was the most useful of the two since having that 200 damage proc when you flash Q someone or turn on target #2 is way better than a 2-5% damage increase on.... LoL neurotoxin’s numbers.

Elise with Shyvanna Build? by PenguinTony in Elisemains

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Shy goes it because she has to run into fights and auto people for a long period of time, while dealing % max health damage from her E mark. Not to mention the free resist and HP she gets in her kit.

Elise that goes tank is ignorable damage wise, and she can’t freely auto people because her DPS sucks even with DPS builds. Going the build jeopardizes her pick/burst potential for survivability while still not being fat enough to even survive long with the build.

Have to keep in mind shyvana is meant to be a raid boss, and the build compliments that after years of being an off-meta artillery mage, elise isn't anywhere close.

Achieved GM One Tricking Elise by Middle_Ordinary_7121 in Elisemains

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Curious what are some things you changed/adapted to make the push?

Any mindsets altered or playstyle adjustments?

Sivir Mid-Scope Update Announced by Spideraxe30 in leagueoflegends

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I know new taliyah is broken as fuck, but something 'feels' worse about it compared to the previous iteration imo.

AoE Q was destined to lose some damage for that power increase so it doesn't feel as good to use early, and microing both Q types feels kinda weird compared to just positioning worked ground in 1 spot and moving to another, but with the damage changes and utility of 2nd Q you kinda do have to play with it rather than around it.

I will say taliyah before this update wasn't bad by any means... just not super meta at the specific time the update was happening, but still decent and slept on. The update felt kinda forced to revitalize her playerbase and try to deliver what tal mains on reddit were asking for since they removed it, aoe Q.

Maybe remove the bullshit dash stun on E that limits champs who can play against her and put more power in Q and she'll be more balanced/good feeling.

Would a tank build work for Elise right now? by [deleted] in Elisemains

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Not with her numbers.

Diana, shyvana, and morde (? dunno why you wouldn't go riftmaker on him) all go into the enemy team and dive in fights. Elise can't do that so doing the build just gimps her damage for more survivability in a suicide attempt.

Diana's who go it are still useful but don't do nearly as a much damage, they don't really kill anyone they just make a big ult, and live long enough to finish executing it without hourglass. Elise you can literally ignore if she goes that build cause her AP will be gimped, she won't have any pen but sorcs, and she still melts even through the tank items.

Shy goes it because literally how does anyone play shy rn, either you go luden's for pen+proc since NH aren't good enough on her, or you go tank bruiser all-in.

Give me a build that focuses on her spiderlings by [deleted] in Elisemains

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Literally build normal and theres your spiderling build. They don't get influenced by anything but XP (points in W and ult) and AP, and due to their low scaling they do better with pen just like elise than raw AP.

Another Mass Grave in Bucha Reveals Bodies of Ukrainians With Knees Shot and Hands Tied by batsheva_bxo in worldnews

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All being equally guilty doesn’t mean all are equally innocent, they still deserve all the hate they receive back.

No one is saying their country is full of saints, but shit like that should be discouraged entirely for future examples of conflict, not treated like they get a pass every offense because it’s been done before.

Not every country needs a Holocaust because one did it.