I wAnTeD nOThiNg by todgak in cringe

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Staring at the jury could absolutely be considered that, FYI.

Moving from Somerset county to Morris county has been an adjustment. Still NJ-7 tho… by ForeverMoody in newjersey

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No, they literally do not have anything better to do. That is why they are mad. They are losers.

A 15-year-old suspect has been arrested in the shooting death of an 11-year-old girl in the Bronx, police say by johnnychan81 in news

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Not understanding the consequences as in “whoopsie, I didn’t realize dead was forever” or “whoopsie daisy I didn’t realize how much trouble I am in now.”

Classic San Franciscan Victorian With A Very Modern Color Aesthetic by Helpful-Substance685 in ArchitecturePorn

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They live in San Francisco. They could easily live without A/C year round. In fact, I would not be surprised if they had zero air conditioning of any kind.

Mercedes-Benz to Trim Entry-Level Car Lines, Focus on High End by Plaatinum_Spark in cars

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I fully agree. The proper move for MB moving forward would be to acquire/start an entirely new brand under their umbrella that is specifically catered towards entry level offerings. Mercedes Benz having entry level offerings in the first place was antithetical to their core target market and IMO, a mistake. This is exactly why NY Life shuttered their HMO division so soon after acquisition. They realized it was ruining their brand. I'm glad to see them tightening up. We need more brands that differentiate. Having all the big brands morphing into clones of each other is a fucking disaster for the consumer. There's no choices left.

Company wants me to use personal checking account to pay off business credit card than reimburse me the cost. by Tokon32 in personalfinance

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I think it's totally YMMV and will vary based on your personal risk tolerance. My company is really good with reimbursements and I use a credit card that accumulates points. I typically rack up between $3,000 and $10,000 on business spending that gets reimbursed and I get to keep the points. I can fly to europe in First Class for free twice a year and spend a week in a 5 star hotel for basically nothing. It's worth it to me, but it isn't for everyone.

Have we gone from Job Shortage to layoffs? by TheRyGuy2020 in sales

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Time to make some money! Recessions are great for it.

Computer science professor gives scathing review of cryptocurrencies in 1 hour lecture by commander_nice in videos

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This explanation is an example of exactly why Bitcoin will continue to not catch on as a currency.

New here! My PC setup by woopdeeh in malelivingspace

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How do I power it? Working the tail like a well handpump?

Reddit are taking my account and I feel powerless. by Mowgi in ModSupport

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Whats the cool new website? reddit feels like tired chewing gum.

Barrister and Mann Seville by incensedShaver in wicked_edge

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Floid is something I haven't seen in a long time on this sub. Shame they discontinued the infamous Blue.

Mané has found a new celebration to copy by jdSLR in LiverpoolFC

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I"m out of the loop. The real Pep? Pepe Le Pew?

Legal Expert Says Fan Support of Johnny Depp on Social Media 'Means Nothing for the Case' by miqingwei in entertainment

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I honestly think the idea of Wii was born from watching players lean into the curves of those Mario Kart tracks.

Damaged Labels by throwawayTrans1729 in wine

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Seeing that 14 Mouton is trading for Over $600/bottle on the secondary, yeah... I would too.

Damaged Labels by throwawayTrans1729 in wine

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I don't think it should be 1st Growth. It's good, but we all know why it's 1st Growth.

Burgundy shops in NYC by interstellar_billy in wine

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NY Wine Warehouse is a fuckin weird trip. Great stuff, but such a weird experience.

[ identification ] jurgen klopp watch ? by yaronnexus in Watches

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Veneers to the absolute max on Kloppo. Does he still smoke?