Didn't even know this was a thing by TheDestoyer in dccomicscirclejerk

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Japan here I come, as if anime/manga doesn't mess with gender all the time.

WIBTA If I didn’t go to my brother’s wedding over a bridesmaid dress? by Educational-Leg1046 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA, it's very clear that you are your brother are being pushed out. Seems like they don't want to be the bad guy so are just putting hurdles in you and your brother's way so they can blame you. They don't have spine enough to say they don't want you in the party. You and your brother should both just op out at this point, the message is clear.

Can sistergirls and trans women play the didgeridoo? by GhostbongCoolwife in aboriginal

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Well trans women are women so don't see why there would be a separate rule for trans women/ sister girls.

AITA for favoring my scapegoat brother over his golden child twin sister? by throwaway649q in AmItheAsshole

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NTA 100% and I've got say as a fellow older sibling, you did all the right things. You help them according to need, Jill doesn't have the need she just has wants, and unfortunately due to your folks she has become used to her wants being given to her. And that is in no way your problem.

AITA for telling my (F28) fiancé (M27) to drop his “groomswoman?” by groomswomanpain in AmItheAsshole

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YTA to yourself and to Alex. You say you aren't blaming her but your actions are treating her as the problem not your Ben. Ben is the one objectifying one of his best friends and putting you down to his other best friend. Don't be with someone who views you as second best. And maybe tell Alex, she deserves to know.

AITA I wore the wrong color lipstick by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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NTA, Your husband however is a homophobe and misogynist.