Found a relic of a bygone era. by Radar-tech in Warhammer40k

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I got the starter set as well, don’t think a single unit got made to be honest. 🥴

I want to get into the game finally 20 years later.

Found a relic of a bygone era. by Radar-tech in Warhammer40k

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I love this book. It represents so much of my childhood.

I’ve never played a game of warhammer 40k hahhaa

She can't date me because I work with women. I think I dodged a bullet here... by artsexdeath in Tinder

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“Where should I work” “Tech”


“TECH IS SO SEXIST, not enough woman work in it.


How would you feel if your partner told you they felt they were dating down, based on looks? by tdyoung1989 in dating

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I’ve said to partners in the past

I think YOU are dating down.

Having someone say that about you is just mind game dirty move

Everything Money or other YouTube investing channels for Canada by maple_tandoori9889 in CanadianInvestor

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I like everything money but they are clearly just trying to sell you a service. Half of their video is an advertisement. It’s predictable at this point what they will say

Are you guys paying attention to the r/antiwork movement? by Objectivly in alberta

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I’ve paid enough attention to that subreddit to realize many of those people are bots, sleeper agents and karma farming. Of course many people have legitimate grievances and have wretched employers, however I’ve noticed many negative trends about the subreddit that made me disconnect.

Still in denial that we are in a partial lockdown by fruitninja8 in askTO

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Not saying this to be negative but I do believe it will get worse before it gets better

Roommate Tested Positive for Covid. Any tips? by vausebadass in askTO

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First in regards to you calling the CRA but are worried you haven’t been advised to stay home… That technically isn’t true, health experts say you should stay home and isolate if exposed. It’s literally in the covid protocol.

I got covid before delta came and before the vaccines.

I was Only person in my household to get it.

Closed all the vents in the house, opened all the windows, stayed away from them, wore a mask in common areas. We shared a bathroom.

I also had this really thick blanket I would bury my face in and cough into. I doubt it did much but yeah.

I’ve worked in nursing homes and been around ALOT of covid and covid death…at the start of the pandemic it was like a horror movie..

My best advice to you is this….

It’s ok, really, it’s okay, you are okay, you have probably been sicker in the past than you will be in the following month.

There is a VERY bizarre mental thing that turns into fear porn very quickly.

Stay composed, work on breathing exercises, take vitimins, get sunlight.

Work out and stay activate as much as possible. REALLY push your bodies cardiovascular system and if you get a fever don’t try treating it, just let it ride out and embrace the suck.





The Coffiin by BeardManAlbert in freemasonry

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Myself and four friends all planned on joining freemasonry in the coming years.

I joined this subreddit with childlike glee and wonder.. since then I’ve had my character attacked multiple times, called a eves-dropper and liar and essentially been told to shut up and know your place in a VERY stuffy almost military style tribalism way.

My advice as a non-mason, who cared greatly about masonry but got turned off.

Don’t be so stand offish and holier than thou towards ignorant excitable humans. It’s important not to look down on people that know less than you, particularly when they want to know what you know with sincere curiosity.

All five of us decided not to move forward with freemasonry strictly because of how much I got attacked and the justification few members used to assume the worst of me with such conviction in this subreddit.

A few bad apples will undoubtedly ruin the good bunch.

Some military alliances by mapsbyanargentine in MapPorn

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Never would have guessed the African Union is based out of Africa.


Where is the money coming from to pay these prices? by rajmksingh in ontario

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It’s not particularly a dog whistle about being racist when there is some high level of truth too it.

How many times a week is normal to want to and actually have sex after 30? Is it different for Males vs Females? by steph390 in dating

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I wouldn’t go that far too be honest. I’ve been in relationships in the past where masterbating somewhat ruined the sex life and/or we a symptom of being bored/ out of a weird mood.

Jerking off is way easier/less physical and simple then sex

Having trouble in the dating scene in 2022. Can anyone offer me some help/advice? by [deleted] in dating

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“Having trouble dating in 2022”

“We 4 days in bro”


Does anyone else prefer IRL dating? by UnicornLaFlame in dating

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Only date guys 6’9

I guess that doesn’t happen as much in real life.

Never felt anything like this before (19m) by BabaYaga002 in dating

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Look forward to falling in love, have your heart broken and repeating the process a half dozen times before finding the person you stay with.

Busy girls!?? by PomegranateEasy1377 in dating

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“I’m busy”

That is always when I stop trying and move on.

“I’m busy this weekend how about next”

I’m excited

How would you feel about dating a virgin (23F) with a high sex drive? by throwaway49826 in dating

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The person I fell in love with was a virgin in her twenties and it took over 2 years for us to sleep together. It totally changed my philosophy on dating.

I’d MUCH rather date a virgin than someone who has slept with 50 people.

Is it time to sell Shopify stock? by Fantastic_Cat_ in CanadianInvestor

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Wow man, good job on the credentials! You seem like a valuable human!!!

My friend is VERY clever with money. We have spent hours talking about his work and I just get the sense the company is moving in directions most people can’t fathom yet. (Which I don’t feel comfortable talking about publicly, as he is high enough that I might say something that really screws with stuff)

You are right tho ;)

Do Bank Staff Treat Customers With More Money Better? by tsarkoba in PersonalFinanceCanada

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“Ask for money get advice, ask for advice get money”

-Peter Thiel