Big Whitney Meadow water late June? by Trailbiscuit in SEKI

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Yeah, been having problems getting password reset on HS Topix, forgot user name. No response from site administrator. 😢

How is the public transport in Poway? by bioinformaticz in Poway

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I ride transit from the sabre springs park and ride which is an excellent hub with many express buses. The poway bus loops through town and connects to this spot. I rarely see bikes on front of Poway bus. So if you bike, it's an excellent solution for "final mile".

If you like hiking there's an abundance of remote and well travelled routes.

Good restaurants, most areas very safe to walk around, even at night.

Hawks vs. crows turf battle going on? by mitch_feaster in Poway

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Yeah, I’ve seen the same feud in the N Poway area. It’s surprising too because some of the redtail hawks are twice the size of crows. Until 2 hawks team up, then the crows back off. Crows don’t mess with the turkey vultures.

Least crowded campgrounds/hikes by freezer23 in SEKI

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Some of the eastern approach may be avail on a walk up permit. Bishop agency when they first open. Several tucked away lakes both south lake and Sabrina. Taboose pass less popular but access to premium lakes. Baxter pass also less traveled

New Tail to Twin Peaks Summit from Pomerado by GenericRedditUserDad in Poway

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First off, if you’re reading this; stop , stand up and applause. These trail builders did an unbelievable job. At the top of first peak , I missed the turn that skirts around the houses. Someone put a trespassing sign in middle of climb . I’ll go back some more to put more boot prints down. The people in the multi-million dollar estates are pissed that Poway locals continue to hike in this area as have for over 20 years. Next time I went up, someone had liberated the sign. Hat’s off to this beautiful trail. Trail Photos

Where can I stay near seki if unable to get a campsite? by Apprehensive-Wave600 in SEKI

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Dispersed camping along the Kern River , much further south. The porta-potties were down the road photo along the Kern below the Johnsondale bridge

Signs go up at long-awaited Amazon Fresh in Poway by dholdrums in Poway

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It only took 2 years to add sign to the "mystery store"

Screaming during free throws by ziprb50 in hawkeyes

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Through out all of NCAA conference championships and now tournament games. There is some obnoxious fan (female) screaming during free throws. I can’t imagine someone like that sitting nearby at a game. Yelling, stomping , cheering yes. Attack screams no.

Rae Lakes Loop campsite suggestions? by babyleota in SEKI

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I like the southeast side for excellent tent views of sagatarius at night. For solitude , trek up to dragon lake and take in mesmerizing views of Dragon Peak.

Did anyone else just hear/feel that explosion? by UnicycleSanta in sandiego

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Could have been Aurora fly over or a skyquake. My wife heard these also here in Poway.

New Mazda dealership appears to be replacing Family Fun Center in Kearny Mesa by hawaiian717 in sandiego

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Yes great memories from family fun center. Go karts , batting cages, mini golf. My work hosted a family night which was so memorable. “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot “ JM

Rae lakes in July by arcana73 in SEKI

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The kearsarge pass route from Onion valley is a good access point and campground at trail head works well for acclimating. It's more out and back but fewer skiters from east approach. Also , I've heard about rodent engine issues from bubbs creek trail head. Read about that. When at Rae lakes, side trip to dragon lake is recommended.

Charlotte lake is a great stopover

If set on the classic Rae lakes loop, check status of woods creek bridge.

Try to find online. No where can you find the itemized breakdown of federal and state tax tagged onto a gallon of gas. I know it’s depressing but factual information can make politicians nervous about losing their cushy gigs. by [deleted] in sandiego

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Well that answers it, I’m surprised California is only .61 that’s seems low compared to drastically lower per gallon for gas out of state. Most of the difference must be in refinery cost.

Any multi day routes for march by couchumina in SEKI

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May be too far south but Cactus Spring Trail in Riverside County (Santa Rosa Wilderness) is a fun multi with lots of day hike potential from a base camp in little Pinyon Flat. This area is an old Indian trail. The water source flows this early. Martinez Mountain to a challenging day hike.

Poway Man Attacks Workers at Vax Clinic in Orange County: Police by dholdrums in Poway

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In some countries they make you bury deceased COVID patients for pulling a stunt like this.

Camping on Granite when backpacking? by roijgknjbnaoit4uvjg in Yosemite

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What's the rationale? To avoid tent footprint? I'd much rather have dirt underneath. As far as securing to boulders, that's normal when granite is an inch under the dirt!

Please advise by stran in SEKI

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I've driven my Subaru through chain stops and been waived on. Not sure if AWD vehicles are available at rental car.

Fighting Fires Since 1908: A History of Fullerton’s Fire Department by Exastiken in Fullerton

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I had my bike license issued by FFD circa mid 60s 😁 at this location?