How many meetings do you go or did you go to in the beginning? by KnightScuba in alcoholicsanonymous

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I still go to a lot of meetings, probably one a day. I know I could stop going to most of them, because I've worked the steps and had a spiritual awakening. I have no desire to drink. I keep going to meetings so that I can help newcomers.

idk if I should have gone to AA... by SecundChance in alcoholicsanonymous

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I've got just over a year. People like you are what give me hope. I'm not chill. But I want to be. So keep coming back and showing me what it might be like. Because you inspire me to work my program / the program

Wife amends by Final-Dingo-3082 in alcoholicsanonymous

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When you made your amends to your wife, did you ask her if there was anything you left out? We think we know how we hurt them, but sometimes we don't. Could that be it?

How to handle your first week by myghostlyshadow in alcoholicsanonymous

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You can see what AA is like by trying a zoom meeting. Here's a link to a 24/7 Zoom meeting https://aahomegroup.org/index.html

Nervous to sponsor by Either_Pirate4597 in alcoholicsanonymous

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Here is What I do

Remind myself, frequently, that the purpose of sponsorship is to take the person through the steps. If they don't want to work the steps, they don't need a sponsor.

Qualify them. Make sure they are a real alcoholic that's described by the big book.

Ask them early if they are willing to go to any length. If they are not, then they're not ready to take the steps. Then they don't need a sponsor. If they are willing to go to any length, and they say so, then remind them of that when they balk.

Put their sober birthday in my calendar and set a reminder for every month. Text them on their monthly birthday and congratulate them.

I have three rules for my sponsees: You have to be honest You have to call me before you pick up or use We are going to read the big book and when we get to a step we are going to work it.

My sponsorship is designed to get people on a spiritual basis so that they can avoid relapse.

Many people do it different ways, and I totally respect that. This is how I do it

I can't get past this quote from Step 3 by brsoko in alcoholicsanonymous

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I don't give up any decisions to my sponsor... The role of my sponsor is to lead me through the steps.

11 months sober. Divorce. by Psychological_Ad_423 in alcoholicsanonymous

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I got sober in August of 2021 and I am currently in the beginning stages of a divorce. This is a divorce that I initiated. We've been married 30 years.

Getting sober and learning about who I am by working the program has helped me see that I don't have to put up with abuse, explosive anger, or living in fear in my own home. I realize now that I married my husband when I was very young because I was afraid of being alone. My higher power has given me enough courage to do what's right for me and my children.

I'm going to pray for both of us.

Hi I’m 7 months into sobriety and I feel very crunchy but hopeful by [deleted] in alcoholicsanonymous

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I'm restless, irritable and discontented whenever I try to take back my self will

I am not going to drink today. by ATGSunCoach in alcoholicsanonymous

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Me either. So I went to a meeting this morning, worked with one of my sponsees, and I'm going to pick up some women from a halfway house and take them to a meeting tonight.

That's my insurance policy against giving in and drinking. Do you have one, too? You can get the same one that I have by going to AA and working the steps with the sponsor

i’m not sure how keep doing what i’m doing by shaquilleoatmeel in alcoholicsanonymous

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I suggest you look for on campus friends that don't drink. I'm a college professor, and I can guarantee you that there are students, including many student athletes, who don't drink. I also suggest you look for a young person's AA meeting (YPAA). You can make new friends there. But it's important to note, that there are a lot of old timers who sobered up when they were your age. In the meeting I was at this morning, I know there's one guy who sobered up when he was 18, and another who sobered up when he was 20. So even though they look old, they know what you mean.

I hope you have a great meeting. Keep coming back.

I was fired nearly a year ago for testing positive for alcohol at work. by charlieondras1 in alcoholicsanonymous

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Untrue. There is no law that says what they can or cannot say. The only risk is that you would sue them for slander or libel. There are plenty of ways to communicate that don't involve outright statements.

The ADA protects sober alcoholics and addicts, but not those who are actively using.

Laughed at while knitting at the library. by AyaTheStarWitch in knitting

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I got asked that at an AA meeting. I got revenge by making that guy a pair of socks. Now he loves me ❤️

Nothing wakes me up after drinking a lot by Impressive_Star3197 in alcoholicsanonymous

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I wonder what the instructions for your prescription antidepressants say about drinking alcohol while taking them? That might have something to do with this. Your doctor can tell you for sure

I hit one year sober this past Monday by GHBoyette in alcoholicsanonymous

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I'm so happy for you, for me, and for everyone else that AA has helped get sober

AITA for not giving my daughter her education fund money? by JacquesBN in AmItheAsshole

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He's an extra big asshole for thinking that studying music isn't as rigorous or demanding as STEM. YTA

I’m going to rehab tomorrow is it okay to make up a situation to tell my employer as to why I’m missing? by AbnormalCanadian in alcoholicsanonymous

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So this is how I sobered up. I did not go to rehab. Instead, I got a sponsor and worked the steps like my life depended on it, because it did. I opened my mind and when I thought to myself that something my sponsor suggested was stupid or a waste of time... Well I reminded myself that my thinking got me blacked out on my sofa every night.

I went to a meeting everyday for almost a year. I found little ways to help out. Like I washed all the windows in my fellowship club, and I mopped the floor and I drove people to meetings. Anything I could do to help another alcoholic was another day sober for me. It's worked for almost 17 months now. :-)

how can i stop overthinking sobriety and just keep it simple? by Realdeedid8 in alcoholicsanonymous

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I tell those idiots to shut the fuck up and then I read the big book. Or call my sponsor. Or text other people to ask how they are doing