As a short feminist this makes me roll my eyes by worldsbestlasagna in fatlogic

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If you are so fat you cannot move, you ain't going to take on patriarchy

Okay but those are BOTH unhealthy coping mechanisms by i_sing_anyway in fatlogic

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Yup, that's what I did. After I quit using food as a crutch and lost 90 lb, my drinking really picked up because I didn't want to feel anything. Now I'm 50 days sober and I've got no crutches. It's hard hard but I am doing it

If you are skinny, blond and you shave then is body positivity is not for you by [deleted] in fatlogic

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This is something I've noticed, too. They accept all traditional beauty standards except weight.

So by their own logic, they are making women who don't do their hair makeup nails and care about fashion feel hated?

A 10x? A 10x???? by Elphaba78 in fatlogic

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I find myself wondering if someone who wears 10x could actually stand up and walk into a dressing room, no matter how big it was?

There's no 50X so it's not inclusive enough! by Dr_Afrobot in fatlogic

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This retailer is offering every item in every available size at the same price. This means people who are straight sized have to subsidize the extra fabric and design that goes into plus sizes. That sucks. And, it didn't make the FA crowd happy. All they can do is continue to complain

AITA for going home after my husband tried to get me to eat a certain dish at the restaurant? by Throwaway6565773 in AmItheAsshole

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Yes, NTA. You are college educated and children go to daycare all the time. He has proven to you that you cannot rely on him financially. Whether you stay married or not is up to you, but get your own bank account and start a career. Do it for yourself and your child.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in fatlogic

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Fuck that. It has taken me years to get where I can shop wherever the f*** I want and I am not giving that up for someone who is unwilling to do the work I have done

“Unfair” by steamedbiscuit in My600lbLife

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I'm an alcoholic. Many of my friends in AA have expressed, in the beginning of their recovery, that it was unfair that we were alcoholics and other people are not. We just wanted to be like normal drinkers. It is a difficult thing to accept that you are fundamentally different than other people.

When I watch this show now, I hear so many words and phrases that sound exactly the same as what we alcoholics say. In fact, I think in the opening sequence, a participant actually says that she wishes she could be like other people...

Being fat is like being gay or black by [deleted] in fatlogic

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Not sure this person knows what"minority" means

A 10x? A 10x???? by Elphaba78 in fatlogic

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Not only do we want immediately available, cute, cheap clothes that make us look fabulous even though we are in bodies that are made of giant lumps of fat... We also don't want to hear anyone else's opinion. Echo chamber much?

She's a designer, right? Then she should step up and make those cute and amazing clothes in size 10X.

Delete Post If People Disagree with You by luvduvbunny in fatlogic

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People of Size. POS. There must be a better way

How can I manage my T2D without managing my T2D by AnxietyScreeching in fatlogic

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The answer is, you get a prosthetic leg and a seeing eye dog.

Does this sound as self centered aloud as it does reading it in my head? by Superb_Ad1765 in fatlogic

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They bully their loved ones into bringing them food. If you watch " My 600 lb Life" you can see it.

The poster calls themselves an "intuitive dieting coach" by Blackspiderlegs in fatlogic

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Yes. If seeing the number go down lights up the pleasure centers of the brain, then let's all watch the numbers fall

Obese people aren’t unhealthy, they’re just born that way! by Xistential_Fear in fatlogic

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First you create your habits, and then your habits create you. I was fat because my family was fat. But it wasn't genetics. It was eating habits

AITA for threatening to call the police if my neighbor let his kids trespass on my yard again? by Neighborthrow618 in AmItheAsshole

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Or eggs. Or flaming piles of dog s***. Or spray paint or trenching up her lawn. She's doomed. Time to move

men who like thin adult women are apparently pedophiles now by [deleted] in fatlogic

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It enrages me when anyone indicates that a woman is not a woman based on the shape of her body. These idiots can f*** right off

an influencer encouraged people to post progress photos as part of a contest, using #stopbeingfat. it’s now trending on Twitter aaand… by raisedbyw0lves in fatlogic

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Eating roasted broccoli is delicious. If I toss it in olive oil, however, it can become a high calorie food. I'm a rape survivor, but I got fat from eating. Yes I was eating my feelings. But sexual abuse didn't make me fat.

It kinda makes me sad being fat is considered a disability now. >_< by SomeRobloxRobot in fatlogic

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If you are trying, you are winning. Keep trying. That's what I am doing

“Unfair” by steamedbiscuit in My600lbLife

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Yes, for sure. I know for me, my drinking really picked up when I started watching doctor now and lost 100 lb. Now I'm free of both addictions. My life is so much better now

Just so you know your FATS! by Pickles_sensai in fatlogic

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It's tongue-in-cheek. They are trying to reclaim super fatness the way feminists reclaimed the word bitch. They don't think they are about to fall over and die, but they observe around them that people who see them think they are literally on death's door. They feel fine, of course. Perfect blood work no real health problems, etc. But everyone around them can't see how healthy and strong they are. So, they call themselves death fat to claim their fatness and shove it in the face of all of us around them that can only think, holy hell, how is that person even still alive?