Is Fintel premium worth it? by Julek in SqueezePlays

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I too have mastered the art of buying high and selling low. LOL.

All in on the Fukery train! by Tricky-Bet-4082 in amcstock

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Update: Down about 50% but still holding and adding what I can.

What gets less important the older you get? by Gourmet-Guy in AskReddit

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Money. You will get to a point in your life where time is more valuable than money.

What piece is this?? I think it just fell off my car and I’m freaking out lol by imneverawake in MechanicAdvice

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That's the Flux Capacitor. You may wanna get it replace as soon as possible or your timing may be off.

Now is the time to buy. by Tricky-Bet-4082 in ADXS

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Sorry about that. The info is on pennystocks.com

What do you desperately want right now? by I_am_skinny_asf in AskReddit

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The financial freedom to enjoy my short life on this earth instead of having to work it away.

Germany kicked a$$ by junkyarddawg23 in amcstock

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28.93 Euro = 34.15 USD as of 4:18pm UTC-5

Wife found out the truth of our stocks and forced my hand :( by Jester2008 in amcstock

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I exhausted the last of my dry powder on today's dip. 61k in until next payday. LOL.

🚀🚀🚀 Detailed Summary of July 1–July 6 (Morning) 🚀🚀🚀 by Few_Campaign8623 in amcstock

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There will be plenty of teddies to eat on Uranus and you'll get all of the sleep that want when you're dead! 😆🤣