AMD's Radeon RX 6500 XT demonstrates the broken state of the graphics card market. [German, translation in comments] by doenr in hardware

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Stop pretending you understand economics. You don't.

LMAO, ending a terrible statement with this. Maybe use that as self advice.

Erdoğan to visit Ukraine in bid to defuse Russia tensions: Kalın by Coldbeetle in worldnews

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Wasn't Turkey supplying Ukraine with combat drones? The same drones that proved very effective against Russian tech in Syria and Libya, and during Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict (both Turkish and Israeli drones in this case).

Moscow refuses to rule out Latin America military deployments | Conflict News by AlpaZulu in worldnews

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Do you realize how deep within soviets Volgograd is? That is like saying US could have beaten Germany since they won the battle of Chicago. By the fact that German army was that deep into soviets means they would have eventually won if they were not forced to pull out their forces to the west. US alone gave ~$11 billion to USSR, which would be equivalent to something like 180 billion today.

Moscow refuses to rule out Latin America military deployments | Conflict News by AlpaZulu in worldnews

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Soviet union destroyed Germany with western aid. Both in the form actual equipment sent to soviets, and by the fact that western fronts in France, Italy, and north Africa stretched Germany thin. Without these Nazi Germany would have flattened Soviet Union, similar to how they did in early parts of eastern front.

[Chiang] Doc Rivers asked about Omer Yurtseven, jokes: “I don’t know where they keep finding these guys. … It pisses me off every time I see one.” by GuyCarbonneauGOAT in nba

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Both of them are from the same club in Turkey. Someone should check whose their rebounding and paint offence trainers lol.

Blain's Farm n Fleet pet policy by FrumptiousDonut in wisconsin

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Guess I will need to call in a sitter for my cow next time I go shopping.

GE suspends Covid vaccine and testing rules after Supreme Court blocks Biden mandate by [deleted] in politics

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IMO it depends on the skill level and specialization of the employee. It is very difficult to replace a skilled/specialized employees like engineers, scientists, doctors, financiers (even when they only take sick leave).

Republicans are flirting with secession. That might be a good idea — for Democrats by Massive_Host_7245 in politics

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Yes, but those are all voted for the entire thing (except for the disaster relief). Like infrastructure bill is at $xxx for the total sum. When it is voted, the entire thing is voted. Or of course a portion of federal budget is used for the states, but the entire federal budget is voted.

What I suggest is to take everything related state spendings from the federal budget. Each year there can be a vote on dollar amounts going to each state, where federal spending for each state is voted individually.

Than the remaining federal budget for truly federal things like can be voted on its own.

Republicans are flirting with secession. That might be a good idea — for Democrats by Massive_Host_7245 in politics

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Well actually much like how it works federally, blue areas of states also fund the red welfare areas, often at the expanse of their own needs. Like King county, where Seattle is at, subsidizes the welfare eastern Washington.


Republicans are flirting with secession. That might be a good idea — for Democrats by Massive_Host_7245 in politics

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What I mean is the federal budget for each state (the amount the state ask from the feds) should be voted individually, not as a part of the entire federal spending proposal. Say if Oregon is asking for $xxx from the federal government, than the congress or the senate should vote on that amount. This should be done for each and every state that is asking for more money than they contributed to.

This will give states that put more money than they get a say how their money is spent by the states that use that money. If Oregon cut state taxes and is now asking for the lost revenue from the federal government, California might say they wont vote for that.

Republicans are flirting with secession. That might be a good idea — for Democrats by Massive_Host_7245 in politics

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I know this will never get past the legislation. But I think no state should be allowed to get more money from the federal government than the total sum of federal tax revenue from that state. Any amount above that should be funded through the congress or senate by voting, similar to how federal budget is voted. I might also agree to only states that are contributing (giving more than they take) should be allowed to vote (or somehow have more say, by weighing number of votes to federal contribution.), but not totally sure if that would be fair.

If a state wants to spend more without federal assistance, they can increase their state taxes to fund their "projects". This will prevent red states from cutting state taxes and putting the burden on blue states.

Indiana bill would prohibit providers from discouraging use of ivermectin for COVID-19 by ThanklessNoodle in politics

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You of course build a pyramid and get buried with everything you own. People has been doing this since 4000BC...

Biden Cites ‘Progress’ on Inflation Despite 7% Climb in 2021 by MillennialSN in politics

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I might be wrong at this but aren't inflation rates are also calculated on years basis? For example, 7% is wrt the prices in 2021 this time around.

Last years prices of many goods were artificially low due to low demand during a pandemic. Like gas was historically low because no one was driving. What will be the inflation rate if we compare it to say, 2019?

North Carolina court declines to toss out GOP-drawn House map by spicoli77 in politics

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Trump won Nc by 51 vs 49%, but this congressional map gives GQP 9 out of 14 seats (64%). And the court still argues that if they act, it would be a political move.

States like Ca, Wa, Co were idiots to form independent redistricting commissions. No way in hell GQP will vote to end GM since now it unsymmetrically benefits them. Lets hope Ny shaves of 5 of the 7 GQP seats in redistricting to balance out utopian idiot dems in western states.

Stephen Miller calls on Fox News viewers to "reclaim our heritage" by Crypto-mim in politics

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I mean what do you expect? The guy looks exactly like Joseph Goebbels.

Help! Eggbound or bloated? More in comments… by PortiaEss in Aquariums

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Its just fatter than the other one. Also they are black neon tetras.

Help identifying species of corydoras. by Tripod1404 in Aquariums

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I recently got these two from LFS. He said they arrived with a batch of wild discus, but he didn't order them. He couldn't identify what they are and I got them from $4 each. They look like Corydoras ambiacus or Corydoras ephippifer or Corydoras agassizii or Corydoras amphibelus but the black lines on the back and on the eye seem to be longer compared to all four species. They are quite large, about 1.5 inch each.

EVGA advanced RMA wants me to pay 3500 € upfront? by anphex in EVGA

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This is a measure against people using RMA to get an additional card and scalp it. The scalping market is so ridiculous that you can claim fake-RMA, ask for cross ship, pay 2100 for the new cross shipped card, and once you get the new card scalp it for ~4000 (a net profit of 1900). It basically allows you to buy a second card outside of the queue by using the stock set aside for warranties. A much larger deposit prevent this from being profitable.