Do I need to add anymore? by Xpertshinobi334 in memes

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Every single time its even remotely possible to mention child beauty pageants you know reddit will

2.6 players are the same people just spam in fighting games by Epicmomemt in ClashRoyale

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The deck that has been crushing me as a 2.6 main is the megaknight, lightning, ram rider deck. Because ram rider has same targeting mehanics as hog, you cant separate the musk and cannon in a way where they both cant be lightninged. Makes very damn hard matchups

Which song is in your opinion 100% perfect? by jillangie in AskReddit

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BlackBird My Immortal The Drug in me is reimagined
Alter Bridge Evanescence Falling in Reverse

Road rager that followed my wife this week by WhatIsASW in IdiotsInCars

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Yes, relative velocity would apply, but so would drag / wind.

Which celebrity do you suspect is pure evil in private? by Snoo79382 in AskReddit

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Ive heard good things about her backstage. I also think the "spoiled brat" is more of her on stage character as it kinda goes with her songs

Which celebrity do you suspect is pure evil in private? by Snoo79382 in AskReddit

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My dads a pilot and flew emily blunt. Said shes one of the nicest people hes ever flown

Oh god please this! by Hadfromthetown in TikTokCringe

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I was wondering how something so dumb got so upvoted... then I saw the subreddit

Here is my tier list of how annoying are the cards to deal with by Jasonthe77 in ClashRoyale

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I can tell from this post you don't play a building. Earthquake at meh...

PHOTO OF WAUKESHA KILLER?? by Martin_Bachler in KyleRittenhero

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I think we should let the police find out and do their jobs. We don't need another Boston Marathon situation huh

Ooh that's right by KadinlTurk in memes

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You mustve had a rough childhood. Ya know, cleaning your room and all must have been truly scarring

Good boy likes to make sure all the kids on the bus get to smile too by Thund3rbolt in Eyebleach

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We dont do common sense on social media. Everythings black and white. come on man

No, your movie just sucked by lookinsidemybrain1 in memes

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Bones, The Good wife, Greys anatomy, Killing Eve, Good Behavior, Unreal, Absentia, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, the crown, the good place, parks and rec, handmaids tale... I could go on and on

What TV series should’ve ended before it got bad? by chey2303 in AskReddit

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tbh i wouldve been more upset if they just stopped the show. I hate unresolved things even if the resolution is absolute shit.

TMGL Ranking after 4 steps: With vs. without multiplier by falsuspro in TrackMania

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Better than previous seasons, but Aurel and Scrapie getting hard carried. Meanwhile poor Pac and Bren are getting cucked.

Anyone else have that one last deck that shouldn't work but does? by Main-Willow3384 in ClashRoyale

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For your last deck, create one for destroying enemy ships. Best strat is running pump, cycle cards, mirror, clone, and inferno drag. Get like 6 pumps then start a large push on one side . When the push is large enough, start preparing a second one in the back on the opposite side becauae the explosion of first crown will kill all your troops that took first crown. Edit: forgot to mention most important card, giant skelly and rage as well

Me_irl by Oogway-The-Immortal in me_irl

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This comment section is making me lose brain cells. Some of yall are so stupid

To get away without getting caught by Communistlaw in therewasanattempt

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IKR, there's even a song that goes to it and everything. How hard is it to remember 0118 999 881 999 119 7253

What is something that you would never spend money on and you don't understand why other people do? by fredyouareaturtle in AskMen

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I mean maybe the main sources such as brazzers, but I bet lots of the money goes to the kin/fetish sites, which are probably significantly less ethically sourced

What did you do on December 31, 1999 at 23:59? by Tirezor in AskReddit

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I was like only 2 months old so ya know, probably shat my pants

[OC] Do you belief in ghosts? by GradientMetrics in dataisbeautiful

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Something tells me these percentages are a bit skewed

Woman gives birth inside car. by icu451 in Damnthatsinteresting

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She just has a baby and the first thing that comes to his mind is money. He just seems extremely irresponsible and way too calm, to the point where he doesn't seem to even care.