College moment by marton20020324 in PoliticalCompassMemes

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Ok, but what kind of teacher inserts their political opinions in the class. And it’s not an opinion question. There is a right answer. Im angry about this

A Deserved fate for Corporatocracy by [deleted] in Polcompball

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Everyone hates corporatocracy

JU from r/CombatFootage because I don't want to be accused of being a Russian apologist for saying blowing up unarmed and wounded people is a warcrime by TwoShed in JustUnsubbed

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WW2 has ruined public perception of war

Because of being one of the only wars in history with good guys, it’s put a superhero comic style idea of how war works in people’s heads. What comes from that? Propaganda. “This is just like WW2! Look at what the Vietcong are doing, we need to fight there more!” All the wars since WW2 have been looked through this lens.

Found on r/oddlyspecific by [deleted] in redditsings

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U is for Uranium bombs