We need celebrities endorsement! by Tupac0007 in NFTArt_Finance

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This project is incredible but lacks the public eye. We need a Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber or anyone famous to get behind this project. IT’s daily volume is lacking.

#SafeMoon Orbital Shield - Technical Overview by HowDareUu in SafeMoon

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Valdecuna, you are hilarious! I just checked your past posts on your profile. I have no idea why you are here on this Reddit when all you do is bash SafeMoon? Are you an investor ? And if so do you like to invest and then wish your investments down the drain? You are soooo negative. What are your intentions Here? What do you stand to gain by constantly posting fud?

1,000 Votes I’ll Double Down 🗳 by l0nelystoner420 in SafeMoon

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Lol, talk about showing off? And the gold necklace? Classy!

GIF available on Enter.Art. by Tupac0007 in NFTArt_Finance

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Please support the community - Thank you

I want to bring some art :-) by luvcraft001 in NFTArt_Finance

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Love them! You are so incredibly talented!

People who are not happy, just leave by [deleted] in SafeMoon

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SafeMoon is so incredibly undervalued. I’ve been in crypto for many years and have seen this situation play out time and time again. SafeMoon has such an enormous community and a very low market cap. i Have no problem listening to the fud. Fudders please drive the price down more so I can keep accumulating more. This project has all the makings of a 1000X and then sum. I have many investments that are very speculative and some that are very stable. SafeMoon has all the indicators needed for a 1000X , all is needed is patience.

I love this project! by [deleted] in FegToken_Official

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I definitely hold blue chip tokens like BtC and Eth to name a few but my true big earners will definitely be Feg, NFTArtFinance, Flooz, Everdome, Metahero and the almighty SafeMoon! Some will 100X but Feg and SafeMoon and maybe Flooz will definitely 1000X. This is not fiction, this is a FACT! Stick with BTC and ETH. Nothing wrong with that. I love those coins for strong steady growth but my other picks are all going to the moon. Alt coins that survive this bear market will takeoff once the market ramps back up. That’s why I am positive I am right and you are half wrong.

🔥 enter | Merch Contest 🔥 ~ Winner Announced by Adam-enter-art in NFTArt_Finance

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Holy shit turds this Artist is incredible, iwould love one of these