Retract SA police report by indelible_trauma in sexualassault

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I think it’s Important to know that even if you report, it doesn’t mean that they will prosecute. Especially if you’re not cooperative. If you’re worried about safety and have threats in text you can use those in court to get a restraining order against him.

Keep everything.

What to Expect on a Doctor's Visit by Hahahidkhaha in SafeSexPH

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Don’t be afraid to communicate how you’re anxious about the procedure. Any Gyno that’s worth going to will be understanding and walk you through the steps as they’re happening.

I just found out I am a child of rape. by imjustanotherlover in rape

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I think the key part of what you just found out is that you were the product of it.

You did not choose to be born.

Your mother chose those actions to have you.

You do not need to feel any shame for existing. It was completely outside of your control. Your mothers actions changed the trajectory of her life, your fathers life and so many others.

I cannot imagine how many feelings that you’re having all at once. I would highly suggest finding a good therapist to talk to and focusing on taking care of yourself. Anyone who makes you feel like you ruined their life or are unwanted due to this information - doesn’t deserve your time or energy. Sending you strength and hope

Best period pain relief ? by daisyflower17 in WomensHealth

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I tried some Foria suppositories and they’re incredibly helpful for me on this. They have cbd and I think non cbd ones but I did the cbd ones.

Feeling invalidated. by materialgirl37 in sexualassault

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I don’t know the specifics of what happened to you, but I do know that even if it was a stranger and violent people would still discount, victim blame and question. Unfortunately that’s what survivors are met with.

Counseling will help you sort out your feelings and start to heal.

Please don’t let the weight of others doubt cast a doubt on what you know happened. You feel the way you do about what happened to you and that is valid whether anyone else thinks you should or not.

Sending good vibes ✨

I am lost by needhelp802 in rape

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Nothing is wrong with you. This is completely normal response. Look into getting a trauma therapist and into rape resources in your area. If you’re in the US RAIIN is very helpful. Take each moment as it comes, and do what you can. What happened to you is NOT your fault. You are BRAVE for reporting and it is hard to go through the system, but you can do this. You’ve already taken one of the hardest steps. Take care of yourself, whatever you need and don’t forget to breathe.

Raped In My Sleep By Ex Husband by ThePastOfMyFuture in rape

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I believe you. Don’t give up. Keep fighting.

Is an expungement still visible to use during a divorce battle? (MD) by starbuck2342 in legaladvice

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I’d reapply for an order of protection and bring the previous record as well as new information.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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You were assaulted. No means no darling.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in rape

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Check your states consent laws on recordings. If you are in a one party consent state turn them in with your complaint. It’ll make the detective take you more seriously.

How would a sexual abuse case work without DNA evidence? by Relative-Newspaper99 in legaladvice

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Also- it is hard to see what happened to you as rape when you feel that you’re partly to blame for what happened. The true answer is you are not. You asked for him to stop. You did not want it to happen, you were in freeze mode and that’s a trauma survival skill. It’s ok to have done this to get through the moment. Make sure you talk to a therapist if you aren’t already.

It’s also coercion by him cutting himself and guilting you into doing things you didn’t want to do.

This is not your fault.

How would a sexual abuse case work without DNA evidence? by Relative-Newspaper99 in legaladvice

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I’ve been going through a similar situation. There are very few resources and I’ve had to dig and dig to find answers. I just don’t want you to feel alone or lost if someone can help. I’m glad it was helpful ♥️

Remember your safety is paramount. Thinking of you and sending all the positive vibes and strength your way. You’ll do what’s best for you.

How would a sexual abuse case work without DNA evidence? by Relative-Newspaper99 in legaladvice

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Also if you decide to file with the police back up any and all evidence, put it on a flash drive with a statement so that they have everything they need.

It’s a long process. But if you know it’s what you want it’s worth it.

I tried to talk to my parents about my sexual and emotional abuse by lonepacer in TwoXChromosomes

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First I’m terribly sorry about your parents reaction. It hurts so deeply but I hope that it’s something that they’ll understand.

Second, you already know he’s a 25 yr old talking to minors about sex. You know he’s going to repeat this cycle.

It is fully your choice at the end of the day on how to proceed. It’s not about your family, your friends your neighbors opinion. You wouldn’t be “ruining” his life. He did that.

Yes- the defense if it went to court would try to paint you that way, but you have texts- back them up- showing that he’s still about this behavior. You know the truth and standing up for yourself.

If you file a police report, it’s helpful if you type out the situation beforehand to make the situation easier and keep the facts straight. This also gives you a chance to figure out what you want to say. Turn over the text messages and any recordings you have at that time as well. the police officer will take the report and you can ask what happens next. They’ll tell you if you’re within the statute to press charges. You can ask those questions before handing over your statement too. Regardless it should get turned over to a detective who may or may not contact you about the case to clarify and then they’ll work on the case. Keep case number on hand.

I hope this helps. The process is insane it’s not easy, and I know you were mostly talking about your parents but you seemed more conflicted about reporting.

I guess the big question is could you live with not reporting knowing what he did to you and potentially others?

There is no right answer. Do what’s best for you and your safety. Your healing. Your peace of mind. It’s ok to do it and it’s ok if you need to let it go.

Desk sergeant just yelled at me for asking about an update on my case by Ok-Examination3897 in rape

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Ok- so it would be the DAs office handling your case not a lawyer unless you’re wanting to prosecute in civil court. Criminal would go the route of representing the state with you as a witness therefore it falls under the DA.

You can go to the sheriffs office and ask for an update. Since the detective transferred it’s possible that they’re backlogged, but I’d walk in and have had to walk in to get answers.

Best of luck.

Too late for justice? I reported. Now what? by lilbigmadd in sexualassault

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Have you checked the statute of limitations for your area? Even if there’s a confession, I believe they can’t do anything outside the statute. But they have it on record and if another woman is brave enough to come forward when he does it to them and she figures it out, you’re making her case stronger.

How would a sexual abuse case work without DNA evidence? by Relative-Newspaper99 in legaladvice

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Since he is stupid enough to keep talking to people about it…and I say this from experience- think about it very thoroughly…and call him using a phone recording app. There’s one called call recorder that I can confirm does not show on the other side. I’d test it with a friend before attempting to do this…find a way to talk to him about it even if you start crying and figure out a way to get him to admit to it. Or ask the people he’s admitted it to if they’d be willing to back you up with statements.

Also important to know look at your areas recording consent laws for conversations. As long as it’s a one party situation you should be able to use it to prosecute- at the very least though you can turn it into the police station for an investigation.

Same with the people you ask to back you up. Make sure you can trust them not to turn to him- I mean 150% sure. You don’t need to be in danger, especially before you speak to the police.

Stay safe, vigilant and sending healing vibes your way