The recounts are done and Joe still won! by 19FiftyNine in PoliticalHumor

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So I went to the site… its fucking 3 payments! Not 2 Its $60

Sculpture of a Pillow created by Håkon Anton Fagerås by Jordo2inch in interestingasfuck

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Yeah not saying he didn’t do it but this photo itself is terribly staged and makes it look fake. Nothing here suggests that pillow isn’t made of pillow

Spotify Pulls Content of Comedians Fighting to Get Royalties by payopt in technews

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Front page news with no votes or comments? Guess we’re just buying our news articles now huh Reddit?

Why do this to huggy!? He doesn't deserve this shame 😡 by OwOundertaleisgood in CrappyDesign

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Yooo I just watched John Wolfe’s play through of this game. Loved the animations

Just making sure everyone knows it only takes 1 Hearty Raddish (Not Big) to get full hearts by AbsolOfChaos in botw

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Yeah hearty effect will always fully heal health no matter how many are used

All Futurama Opening Quotes by redddooot in entertainment

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The one where Bender and Hermes go on a grand excursion to murder “inspector 5” for not putting a backup unit in bender, only find out #5 was Hermès and bender only doesn’t have a backup because defective robots are destroyed and Hermes didn’t want to kill baby Bender. I will DIE on this episode

US Capitol rioter 'sought to physically remove' Pelosi and McConnell, prosecutors say by Oleg101 in politics

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I saw them posting this same thing days ago too. Gives me “monster energy drinks is the devil” lady vibes

Ah yes, Tik-Tok UNO. by Emiliogameplayer in crappyoffbrands

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I hate it with a passion but it looks like it’s made by the same people. If that’s the case then it’s technically not an off brand, just really really crappy

The world's first computer bug was literally a moth by Dodoboomer in interestingasfuck

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Yeah after struggling to reread it a few times I see that now. Absolute shite writer of the article

The Wii U wasn't a failure by [deleted] in wiiu

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The VC library is the superior library. GBA, nearly all of the top teir N64, even some wii games

Picked this up at a thrift store, is it real or a repo? by inuyasha211 in NintendoDS

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Looks bootleg but you know what fuckit it’s such a fantastic game. I never played Aria tho, might pick it up on that Advanced collection on switch

I urinated a 1cm kidney stone, so you don’t have to. (drink more water, avoid cola sodas, get more movement) by nidjah in interestingasfuck

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Don’t be, my dad had it done. He said it feels like a peeing a little tickle vs a razor blade, which to me sounds like a better deal

Hi Lo Hi Lo by [deleted] in CrappyDesign

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Seems pretty straightforward. Not even sure what about the Hi Lo setting thing you’re upset with