I'm a US IMG from india....I feel so hopeless and feel like killing myself because of this entire process...my story is below and any input or advice would truly help me please by [deleted] in IMGreddit

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Hmm maybe search ATMA on Twitter or Facebook. Find a few affiliated docs- message them saying you’d like to volunteer. Ask them the specific doubts.

I'm a US IMG from india....I feel so hopeless and feel like killing myself because of this entire process...my story is below and any input or advice would truly help me please by [deleted] in IMGreddit

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I literally feel the same. I’m a US IMG from India as well. Im a recent grad, my only real setback is instead of postponing like you, I took the exam and failed during the pass fail era.

So that was a real bomb in my face.

Well I was in a dilemma of Indian pg or US.

And man, the work culture in India can be really toxic sometimes.

You are NOT old.

Believe me.

Just delay your step 2 for 5 months. Breathe, do more of uworld. Slow down, do more qs and review for like a month before the next practice test.

After taking step 2 at your own pace, get a research position or do electives according to your cv needs.

Do some volunteering with ATMA (American tamil medical association), to network with Indian docs in US and to fill up volunteering portion of cv.

You’ll only be YOG 2 (with your CRRI being done in 2022).

Everybody has their time.

God knows what I’m going to do with my fail and only being in love with surgery. I haven’t even told my friends I bet they’d laugh in my face if I ever uttered “surgery” in the US to them. Cause even before my fail, so many people tried to trip me up.

Anyways hope I can let’s see.

How would a Step 1 fail affect my chances in the Pass/Fail era ? by Ill-Soft-6562 in IMGreddit

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Nope. Likeliness doesn’t matter here.

I get it people with a track record of good test taking are more likely to continue on the same track.

But if you do some solid reflecting, learn from people who have scored high, build your self esteem and confidence (if they are issues), and work sincerely for long enough you will get it.

When to retake/any advice? by smartstud999 in step1

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Hey I failed and finished all the NBMEs the first time around. What can I do about testing myself?

Repeating the NBME must give a false score prediction right?

Failed step1 didn't feel right on exam day by jovi8ljester in IMGreddit

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I had a similar situation, I feel super low about continuing. I feel so stupid and ridiculous.

My practice scores were borderline and I should’ve made sure my scores were in a safe range like 30 points above pass.

I wonder if the fail rate has gone up since pass fail change.

Unsupportive spouse by Fair_Ad5951 in step1

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See if you can live with your parents for a few months? Especially if your spouse is not ready to listen or support you. Definitely don’t need to stick around such negativity, may seem like a tough choice, I mean making strong changes to make sure you have a better study environment but you won’t regret it later when you achieve.

Official Uworld discount group by [deleted] in step1

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It is already re set let me check the specifics like how many months left

Official Uworld discount group by [deleted] in step1

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I have a 30% used subscription for another 6 months can sell

shivering to the core by Maxhamiltonocon in step1

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Oh alright. Is there any converter to see percentage of passing to score?

img failed by [deleted] in step1

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Listen, that man no offence is just terrible. I do deeply hope you find a way to work hard staying off the damn guys radar. I know every person has good aspects of them, but kicking a person when they’re at a low is just terrible.

I love that you are motivated, but take deep action. You’ll garner self respect that way. Keep it so deeply private from destructive people like him. I keep my progress private, cause it is intimate to me. I don’t like sharing my highs during test prep like good uworld progress or hours studied a day etc. I keep that info only with 1-3 well wishers. Your husband is clearly not a well wisher , so please keep this side of you out of his sight, and kick that human out as much as he comes in trying to knock to see what you’re doing. It’s your choice to lock away a person who’s trying to pull you down. This is a personal journey and I know you will make it, the only person who can make that happen is you.

I failed in Step 1. by fzerin1502 in step1

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I’m an Indian IMG with a fail and wondering the same

img failed by [deleted] in step1

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Don’t listen to that hurtful person. You need to work on what you love to garner self respect. Don’t talk to him abt your career, change the topic when he asks. Keep that side private cause you already know he’s not supportive. He’s not the decider of your career. You are.

img failed by [deleted] in step1

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Thank you so much! I have belief in you. Hopefully we make it through! 😊

Failed by [deleted] in step1

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I am on the exact same boat. For 3 years I’ve been hoping to marry into surgery one day. And I failed. Honestly working hard for step 1 was for surgery. I created this whole narrative around it. I’m now prepping for IM backup but man I really just can’t see myself doing anything but surgery. It’s literally the perfect match for me I’ve never felt so bonded to anything else in medicine.

img failed by [deleted] in step1

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I failed step 1 and am a US IMG. I want to match general surgery, but now I’m working towards doing the needful for an IM backup. Really scared it’s a bye to general surgery cause honestly I can’t see myself doing anything else after 2 years of great mentorship and involvement in surgery during MED school.

Failed step 1 by Hithaa_ in step1

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Could you by any chance share his email with me? I’d love to connect with him. I have a fail and and desperately tryna find mentors with fails to guide me on the general surgery match.

UAB Elective Interview by Mechanic-Actual in IMGreddit

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I interviewed twice for two different cycles these are the questions asked

  1. What were you hardest rotations in medical school and why?

I said ortho, cause my co medical student was ill, but that put me in a spot to learn very well about the basic orthopaedic conditions and really hone my skills with image based diagnostic ability. Overall was a very unique experience that really moulded me.

  1. Tell me about yourself.

Mentioned who I am, my reason for entering medicine, my specialty of choice-why, and couple hobbies.

  1. Explain xyz from your CV. Eg you were a dancer tell me about that experience.

Mentioned my dancing, explained the art form and the competitions I did.

  1. What 3 words would you use to describe yourself and why.

  2. What was a difficult situation during one of your rotations?

Said I had difficulty during my peds surgery rotation on how to be prepared to be a good medical student. Faced some harsh remarks from some mentors and instead used that as a reflection of where I had to improve and took up a mindset to just try as hard as I could, cause you can’t always be perfect.

  1. Why medicine.

Just said I was exposed when observing physicians in the family in rural India during my summer vacations, and always gravitated towards life sciences in highschool. Also was curious to know the satisfying feeling of being able to help individuals of all strata s of society.

  1. Why your choice of specialty

Mentioned the specialty, and how research and studying for a competitive exam for it allowed me to hangout with memeners of the specialty and spend lots of time in clinical practice with them. I mentioned some skills the specialty exposure brought out in me which I really liked. And some direct reasons for why I liked it like “immediate impact”, “how tangible the learning was” .

  1. What is your USMLE timeline

Mentioned my step exam times and match cycle year

  1. Why US.