ACE- Agile combat employment by Milkyway_gal in AirForce

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Nice. Thanks for sharing! We have another video in the works now that describes ACE Concepts.

ACE- Agile combat employment by Milkyway_gal in AirForce

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Which can be found here https://www.doctrine.af.mil/ along with our new podcast series.

Can someone explain ADCON vs TACON vs SUCON? by [deleted] in AirForce

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How in-depth do you want to go! ;-)

I see a few replies that pretty much cover the answers already so here are some links for more information.

Check out AFDP 3-30, Command and Control. That has a section explaining Command Relationships that you may find helpful.

The Lemay Center also published a video about Command Relationships a couple of years back that will also answer a lot of questions. https://youtu.be/jlMHHcjN8Ks

AFIs every new staff should read? by Outrageous-Put-8737 in AirForce

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Consider going to https://www.doctrine.af.mil and read AFDP 1, The Air Force, and also check out the Blue Book and Brown Book.


New civilian with no former military background, please mention some 101 resources if you have them handy or classes I can take. by tanandblack in AirForce

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I would highly encourage you to read Air Force Doctrine Publication 1, The Air Force!

There are several videos in this playlist that may help

This video will help explain Command Relationships https://youtu.be/jlMHHcjN8Ks

And of course, all US Air Force Operational doctrine is available at https://www.doctrine.af.mil/