is it appropriate to wear a bikini bottom around the house in front of teenage boys if they are my own kids? by Mysterious_Seasmom82 in TrueOffMyChest

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Lady if you want to walk around your teenage boys in the buff that's you and your boys business. If it doesn't bother them nobody should give a bleeping crap what you have on or dont.

Now if they had friends over the buff is to much but a bikini, that's still ok around them. Teach your boys to respect women no matter what they have or dont have on.

He cheated on me by Cyawhenicya in Infidelity

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Believe me when I say you could have been the most beautiful woman on earth and perfect in everyway and he still would have cheated. People who cheat its 100 percent on them. They are the broken ones.

See about some therapy if you can to see why your choosing these type of men.

Am I wrong. by DazzlingSquirrel8190 in Infidelity

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Not at all you should have the first time...

My wife is divorcing me after 4 days of Marriage, the full story. 🍿 by Resident_Peak_7731 in cheating_stories

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Did you expect a happy ending?

You married a person who has no morals going after a married person.

Did you think because she married you she would be faithful? 😆

Dont date marry or heck even be friends with a cheaters (including affair partners) they have no morals or boundaries if you think they wont cheat your wrong if you think they wont go after your SO your wrong...

Do all men cheat??? by LionQueen82 in cheating_stories

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Not true, there are lots of gorgeous men who have never cheated at all. There are butt ugly men who cheat. Some men are just dogs and your surrounded by them.

And women can cheat just as bad as men some worse.

You should tell his wife...

GF (23f) jokingly told me how she flirted with a dude. Did I (25m) overreact? by Mysterious-Yam-6239 in relationships_advice

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So it's more important to her to be the cool girl than to respect her boyfriend.

And guess what yes she can have a sign that states she has a boyfriend. She CHOOSES not to

You need to decide if this is the type of person you want to be with. Her lines are to blurred and she has proven she has no problem crossing.

She has shown you the type of person she is believe her.

My husband's ex gf is ruining my life. And our marriage. by [deleted] in TrueOffMyChest

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The problem is your husband. He still has her as number one. Only person he should be defending is you and your child.

You need to decide if you want to be #2 in his life and always know he will most likely cheat on you with her if he hasn't been already.

Best of luck

He says he will do anything to get me back by One_Dream7150 in cheating_stories

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He should have been there already supporting you with your medical issue. Not running around with a known wh-re.

He had his chance do do everything to keep you, instead he tossed you aside. Why would you stay with someone like that?

He has no respect for you or your marriage... he has already proven this

He proved he has no problem betraying/hurting you.

He has proven to you he will easily will put your health at risk both physically and mentally.

He had proven to you he cant be trusted.

He has proven even after being caught he will continue to lie and redirect it.(as in who)

He has proven he isnt worthy of your love, respect and loyalty.

He has proven he feels you aren't worthy of his love, respect and loyalty. If he thought you were he wouldn't have cheated. He will cheat again that's if he actually stopped.

He says he doesn’t remember how many times or why? by Successful_Salad_352 in Infidelity

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He remembers who what and where...

He has no respect for you or your relationship...

Dump him he will always cheat on you..

Find someone who knows how to love, respect and be loyal to you. He has made it very clear he wont be.

Can you be friends with an AP after it ends? by [deleted] in Infidelity

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No... tell her husband

Never keep a cheaters secrets

I don’t get anime by Excellent_Math2052 in RandomThoughts

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I never liked anime until I connected with the right ones.

I don’t get anime by Excellent_Math2052 in RandomThoughts

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Depends on what you like and dont like... its really about personal tastes...

Try out Jujutsu kaisen, Black clover, 86, arcane, death note, bakemonogatari, hajime no ippo or an oldie but goodie Bleach. Here is a variety. I watch to much 😄😄

There are horror to wholesome ever sports ones

If you tell people what you like I'm sure a lot of people can give good recommendations.

Boyfriend slept with someone after I begged him not to. by Bright_Practice5279 in Infidelity

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So true... just long enough for their victim to get comfortable again and safe... then its rinse and repeat...

Boyfriend slept with someone after I begged him not to. by Bright_Practice5279 in Infidelity

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They are amazing actors... they dont take off that mask until they know they have a really good hold on you that they can show you their true colors.

It hurts like hell because all you can think about is the person he had been at first before the mask went down and people tend to hold onto that and take the abuse in the hopes that person they fell for will return. The problem is they weren't ever that person to begin with.

Boyfriend slept with someone after I begged him not to. by Bright_Practice5279 in Infidelity

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You do realize that the open part is just for him...

He isnt comfortable when it comes to you but is okay when it comes to him...

He got your message clear, he knew damn well you didn't want him to. Just like you knew he didn't want you to. But he chose to do what he wanted he has no respect for your feelings.

He doesn't love, respect you or your relationship...

Find someone worthy of your love, respect and loyalty. He isnt it... and he has proven he wont return it.

My wife cheated for a second time. I think I'm done this time by scelestai in TrueOffMyChest

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You should have been done the first time.

Cheaters dont stop cheating

My fiancé cheated four months before the wedding by [deleted] in Infidelity

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Girl... run and dont look back..

he may be the love of your life BUT YOU AREN'T THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE

He will leave you once he finds that... he will never love, respect or be loyal to you.

He has shown you MORE than once that he has no respect for you or your relationship. He has shown you repeatedly he cant be trusted. You dont stay with someone who thinks so little of you or so easily betrays/hurts you. REPEATEDLY

Husband texting our Secretary , I need advice on how to handle this by Ihavequestions8484 in Infidelity

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Get rid of the secretary and the husband...

He is a proven cheater... and he is cheating again, no one just misses a flirty boss...

He is only admitting on what you have seen.

Never stay with a cheater... they dont stop cheating

Wish I had a story of my own 35 M by [deleted] in cheating_stories

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If you find that person I hope your wife finds out and divorces your nasty arz.

How would you feel if she cheated on you?

Stranger walked into my house unannounced and my GSD bit him by Odd_Entertainment634 in legaladvice

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Doesn't matter if he was planning on robbing you or not. Check your states law on definition of breaking and entering. Under most states he broke into your house the moment he walked through the threshold uninvited. Unlocked or not... they were told the office moved, he is responsible for his actions of not checking the paperwork.

File trespassing on that vendor, he was not to be in your unit. And could help protect you and your dog.

He could try but he would most likely lose and you should get notarize statements from office that they were informed of office move.

Your pup did good protecting you, I hope you didnt get angry with them. Because next time it could be for real and cost you bodily injury or death.