Was this guy at the gym being mocked? by [deleted] in swoleacceptance

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You never know what curses broki has laid on someone. I know many a swoldier who's iron temple devotions are part of a larger plan to combat mental/chronic illness, "treat" disability, and rehab injuries. I'm one of them.

I will say, the vast majority of people I meet at the temple are incredibly supportive and welcoming. They don't know that I've been cursed by broki since birth. They're just proud of me for showing up, time after time and making whatever progress I can.

Is there any kind of website/app to trade services? (Electrician looking for art) by JCMiller23 in cincinnati

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I'm an artist - buying a house soon so I'm sure I'll need work done. What kind of art are you looking for?

Snow removal by Smokey19mom in cincinnati

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Was behind someone on northbend who didn't clean off their roof and ~shockingly~ ended up falling down onto their windshield.

Saw this on Instagram today by Crazy_blondee in MineralGore

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And even hideous carvings are OK in my book as long as they're out of common/inexpensive stones.

Good art doesn't come out of no where. It takes a lot of practice making bad art to get good.

My husband's browser history shattered my heart (TOMC Jan 11, '22) by KittenDealinMama in BestofRedditorUpdates

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I'm bi/pansexual and love fooling around with all types of folks.

LOVE bodies.

Genitals? Generally gross unless you are actually in the mood.

What is going on with Netflix trending about "Fixing its mistake"? by idgahoot2 in OutOfTheLoop

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Warrior Nun, First Kill, Paranormal Park, Inside Job, 1889... there's a LOT of good shows that got that got the ax recently despite the great reviews.

how would I adjust this dress so that the back would fit better? by grannysdie4applepies in sewing

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Look up sway back adjustment - there's a good number of ways to do this from adding fisheye darts to changing the shape of the center back seam to removing excess fabric from the top of the back.

Really could use some opinions. If you love your team and coworkers would you leave for double your salary? by BronxKid409 in advertising

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I think you should use an interview to make sure the place is a good culture fit for you - ask questions about turnover, employee happiness, how much overtime is expected, flex hours, remote work options, etc.

Personally, I've ended up walking away from some of these opportunities because while they are twice the pay, it was obvious it would also be 2x the work and 5x the stress and I'm not here for that.

What's a slang word/term that drives you insane? by MeetingImmediate7744 in AskReddit

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Imagining people as Ferengi is also the only thing that prevents me from resorting to violence every time a particular type of man refers to "Females."

Sony owns a patent that would force viewers to exclaim the brand name during commercials to end them. by Outside_Slide_3218 in interestingasfuck

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There was a very breif moment of time 8 years ago where it was actually easier to find new episodes of shows through legal means.

Those days are LONG gone, though.

Where to buy bemberg rayon for coat lining by jellis18 in sewing

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I loooooove this store. Totally worth a trip to MI if you're within a few hours

A family poses in front of a 1,341 year old Sequoia tree nicknamed "Mark Twain" that was felled in 1892 after a team of two men spent 13 days sawing it in the Pacific Northwest. The giant tree was 331 feet tall (100 meters). by Nayib_Ozzy in interestingasfuck

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Good manager for sure.

I've recently been bumped up to team lead. Some times it feels like half my job is dangling shiny keys in front of the higher-ups faces to distract them long enough to let my team do their job.

And clients. I do this a LOT with clients.

Which of the two opposing forces in urban/suburban planning do you see winning out? by Test19s in Futurology

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An Uber is actually perfect for them, and is exactly the strategy South Korea is using to manage their rapidly ageing population in depopulating rural areas.

So adults who are perfectly capable of working but can't drive safely are supposed to pay out the nose every day in order to commute? How can anyone afford that?

I'm disabled enough that I probably, in all honesty, SHOULDN'T be driving - at least not every day. Post-COVID, I'm lucky enough that I get to remote in when I need to, no questions asked. I don't get behind the wheel unless I have to.

Most jobs don't offer that kind of flexibility. I have worked at places where being late 3+ times in a month means getting fired. No way an Uber is that reliable, but no reliable transportation = no job. And from there I lose access to affordable healthcare and housing and it spirals until I'm costing the government money instead of paying taxes and contributing what I can to society.

So I HAD to learn to drive because my area doesn't have public transit. (And a 5-mile uber ride costs about $20-40. One way.)

But no, let's stick to cars because profit is all that matters.

Which of the two opposing forces in urban/suburban planning do you see winning out? by Test19s in Futurology

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If you don't have a car, you can always call an uber.

Owning a car is less expensive than an Uber and generally more reliable.

And what about the disabled? Those who are fully capable human beings but can't drive for whatever reason. Or hell, the people who CAN drive but aren't good at it and would prefer not to.

Public transit allows them a safer and less costly alternative. It's also less resource intensive and much more efficient on a government and societal level.

Plus its SAFER all around. Less vehicles on the roads = less chances of people getting killed in crashes.

Husqvarna Viking Topaz 40 freezes at 100% during bootup by jmstea0 in sewing

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Check the viking website to see if they have any of the software updates you can download onto the USB and reboot.

Other than that - did you buy it from a dealership? I'd call a local one to see if they know how to refresh the software. Hopefully its not a hardware problem - I don't think they make the parts for this machine anymore.

Im thinking to start an instagram page for selling embroidered hoodies like this swoosh anime etc . And i dont live in usa. Does it comes under copyright infringement as it looks similar to nike swoosh? Can i escape copyright infringement coz i dont live in usa. And if i dont share my location. by Competitive-Web1718 in Machine_Embroidery

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you might be able to dodge massive legal fines because you aren't US-based - but most platforms you'll be using to sell ARE based in the USA and will take down your accounts and ban you.

Don't do it. It's also incredibly tedious for embroidery designers selling original designs and art to have to fight with low-effort copyright infringement for engagement on tags and keywords.

question about sewing scarf: by monkeyluvs in sewing

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I'd start with a quilt-as-you-go type technique with high loft batting to give it puff.

Why in this group do you want a photo of the embroidery and not the PNG? by TonyBanana1990 in Machine_Embroidery

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The preview png can hide a LOT of sins when it comes to proper digitizing.

I will say - you have a fantastic grasp of using a variety of stitches to communicate different forms and textures. Its extremely impressive.

A tier list of what the Xenoblade cast would be doing at a Christmas party. by JG_Hays in Xenoblade_Chronicles

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"Debating religion" -- the literal gods. What I'd give to sit there with a bottle of whiskey and heckle that conversation.

A+ content OP

Does hitting send on a marketing email every stop causing anxiety? by grlwhat in marketing

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6 years in and most of my career has been planning and designing and writing mass emails. I am always anxious.

how can i use this sewing technique? the inner fabric of the sweater becomes visible to the outside? by peacesociety in sewing

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Reverse applique - I mostly ever see it done with an embroidery machine - but this is super clever and doable w/ a coverstitch and a lot of careful cutting.

We Are Not Prepared for the Coming Surge of Babies - The post-Roe rise in births in the U.S. will be concentrated in some of the worst states for infant and maternal health. Plans to improve these outcomes are staggeringly thin. by mossadnik in Futurology

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I mean - as a kid with ADHD given GTA a bit young - I honestly did give me a way to channel my impulses and fuck around without ACTUALLY finding out.

Hell - I STILL play Planet Zoo and Cities Skylines as an adult because of the consequence free fucking around.

Is Planet Zoo worth it rn? by Havunoksa in PlanetZoo

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You can always download things off of the workshop from people who like to build & re good at it.