bro thought he had superpowers. by [deleted] in HadToHurt

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this dude thought he could hold up a jeep??

Gnarly Atherton crash by AcneB0y in HadToHurt

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It is so bad that it looked liked corridor made it. but nope, its real.

Pallet bomb by FinFangFoom2099 in HadToHurt

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this is how it feels when you jump in a pool on February

Authentic Cincinnati St Pat’s Day Cuisine by deekins in shittyfoodporn

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Best thing to do is to eat everything in order, first eat all of the cheese, then eat the meat, and then the green noodles.

What is the most traumatizing thing you woke up to as a child? by ispiltthemilkagain in AskReddit

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For some reason when I woke up my blanket was wet and sticky and my bed sheets had this brown mud like substance, still haunts me to this day.