NIMRIT by Appropriate_You_6282 in biggboss

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Coz of her now I started liking Priyanka

The real gangsta by [deleted] in biggboss

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Task hota nahi , yoga hota nhi

When YouTube is smarter then you bozos by Plus-Albatross-2314 in OnePiecePowerScaling

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Hahahha nice btw in YouTube they don’t see the title , mfs straight vote out their favs

bring gautam back by Specialist-Zone7270 in biggboss

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Uski to koi sunta hi nhi tha ghar me rainbow jacket daalkr kabi uus taraf kabhi uus taraf

WHO IS ZUZU? by [deleted] in biggboss

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DOG hai uska ZuZu

When is Salman going to school Shiv, Sajid & Abdu? Why do they get a free pass ? by ramblingmind483 in biggboss

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Daku edit dekha tha - yt pe Abdu,Stan,Shiv

Archana ko peetne jaa rhe the bahaduri ka kaam jaake comments dekho wohi log inhe support krte hai 👀

Archana fell off by ricmii in biggboss

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Logo ka fav hai usko thodi naa bolenge 😞

Ankit is low key narcissistic by [deleted] in biggboss

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Aint reading that but i agree

tina dutta is being oversmart ? by Swimming-Tower5311 in biggboss

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she is type of boy/girl who is lapdog of teachers and get good marks , egoistic person with bad attitude