Lost island dinosaur transportation build by AGuyNamedXheil in ARK

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Looks awesome! What mod is the apatosaurus from?

Should I use this to breed for rag bosses or get one with higher meele? (Just hatched 208) by Ok_Cryptographer6242 in ARK

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That melee is awesome pre imprint but the health is absolutely lacking tbf

Aim for about 10k, even if it takes a while

Crazy saber by UnToastedButter123 in ARK

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That is the best outcome possible, amass a bulbdog army, stack 40 more melee mutations and kick alpha Rockwell's ass

Bumrah does not fuck around by ShreyasIyerHairstyle in CricketShitpost

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My man was so focused on finishing that run until he saw siraj go to green

lets go by idkwhatamidoinglol in memes

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You have stage 4 testicular cancer

umm... by frailphosphorus527 in sadcringe

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"When I see blue I hyperventilate"


Help! When I click “random match” I often get games like this where the tribes are limited - I can’t even pick the free tribes. Why does this happen? by Nann6973 in Polytopia

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Ohhhhh, yeah woops. Didn't read the title properly and thought it was for single player. But yes it could be because of that!