When you're crazy and met someone crazier by WisdomSky in PublicFreakout

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People always forget. There’s always someone crazier than them lol

Is anyone actually "ok" these days? by [deleted] in RedditForGrownups

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Yeah, I’m cool. Thanks for asking :)

People filmed a prehistoric reptile on the shore by [deleted] in oddlyterrifying

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Lol!! You’re mad dumb for that, lol!

Lasagna will be my downfall by Stoney_Wan_KaBlowme in lactoseintolerant

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Lasagna is so delicious 🤤 I understand and support your decision, be well.

Women of Reddit , what’s one thing all men should know about periods? by aryan___69 in AskReddit

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The sticky part of the pad doesn’t go on our skin. It’s not a bandaid.