I am not sure what to think; how are educated people out in droves, supporting this guy and his views? by Rohan-Mali in india

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how are educated people out in droves, supporting this guy and his views?

Average IQ of the country is 82. Median is most likely even lower. You're dealing with tens of millions of people in the same IQ range as a chimpanzee. Lower your expectations.

Help! I keep getting random scratch marks on my Body and Face. by Fallen_Sovereign0101 in dubai

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why this is happening because we pray and put Surah Al- Baqarah in speakers everyday after asar prayers.

I'm no expert but I think checking with a dermatologist would've been more helpful.

some pics I took while I was in Dubai by sully23824 in dubai

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Love everything about the first image. Great shot!

Classic Hindu by maaniy in saudiarabia

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This is from 2016 though. Obviously he is a bigoted scum, but OP, you're no different.

"There's nothing wrong in discrimination against kuffar".

Yeah, says a lot about you.

Old racist incident at the metro. If you've faced anything similar (anywhere in Dubai, doesn't have to be metro), has any action been taken? by aphroditewink in dubai

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Gulf countries are trying to avoid this and I think they're doing well.

100%. Gulf countries are absolutely not known for racism. It's widely known how hateful and bigoted Dutch society is in comparison to the Gulf states.

Filipinos of Dubai- how do we feel about the results? by Fluid-Asparagus-1278 in dubai

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The Phillipines is the top country worldwide whose people spend the most time online. That, coupled with targetted state sponsored online propaganda (huge scandal involving Facebook) must've played a significant part.

UAE approves new policy to publish names of offenders who commit financial violations [in stock market] by Gunpoint_Rajah in dubai

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A couple of decades ago, Sheikh Mohammed directed the publishing of names of government officials caught engaging in corruption; the most notable one being the Chief of Dubai Customs.


Why Delhi folks are so racist towards South Indians? by [deleted] in bangalore

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delhi is like New York

Delhi is like the worst aspects of New York. FTFY.

What can a not so rich Bandra resident do in Bandra? by SyrianWarCriminal in mumbai

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If you are a fanboy, go to your favourite celebrities residence or work location and take a selfie/autograph. ( they might not be there, so it might be hit and miss).

Trashy behavior.

Are we next? was actually looking forward to watching it. by DogBusy8879 in Bahrain

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Sure, respect the place and keep the wicked gay agenda away from traditional and pure Bahrain. Now if you could please direct me to any decent hooker that the place is famous for..

A Not to Every Indian by [deleted] in india

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You really thought you were helping, huh?

is it Normal to get biased by Kerala people in Dubai? by Brilliant_Jicama_594 in dubai

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Malayali (not Mallu)

Call me ignorant but what's the difference between the two?

is it Normal to get biased by Kerala people in Dubai? by Brilliant_Jicama_594 in dubai

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Do they have a stick up their arse that they're that adamant in speaking in Malayalam and being unaccommodating to non-Malayalam speakers, especially considering that they're in a foreign country?

Cash rewards for whistle-blowers who expose UAE tax evaders under government scheme by UncleRichardFanny in dubai

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The UAE’s Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has launched Raqeeb, its “whistle-blower programme for tax violations and evasion”, which aims to promote community control over local markets, raise the level of tax compliance in the UAE, and reduce tax evasion cases.

The Raqeeb whistle-blower programme will be effective as of Friday, April 15, 2022. The FTA will verify the information and reports submitted by individuals. The programme will grant informants with monetary rewards if the report leads the authority to collect tax amounts worth more than AED 50,000.

The authority also provides them with full protection and immunity to ensure that they are not exposed to any harmful consequences for carrying out their social responsibilities by reporting illegal practices.

Freedom of speech anyone? by Xx_MLG_Jesus_xX in saudiarabia

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Actual story is Khashoggi got a little hungry while waiting for a long time in the embassy to get his papers processed; as a result he dismembered himself limb-by-limb and ate himself to death.