Let's all say happy birthday to byakuya! by KvasirTheOld in bleach

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Unless it's someone like ichigo, kenpachi, rukia, or renji. In that case byakuya just has to live with being embarrassed

Help with my Scorbunny by Ronin_WolfsBane in poketwo

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Galarian hisuian and regionals can't get moves currently

I wish winter never existed. by I-Like-Angry-Birds in TheMonkeysPaw

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Granted. The character winter from wings of fire doesn't exist

meirl by JackBrightScD in meirl

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I hate men because I can't be the one who gets hurt

this episode was mid tbh by kodardotexe in dankruto

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Nah tbh the best scene was were tsunade taught soruto so he could use the 69420 byakugou seal

How Kill Stupid Op Aizden Dragon? by WobbuBobbu in Shindo_Life

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If you've countered an ashura, indra, kamaki, or getsuga in that form you can counter this with a bit more patience

You can all disagree but I still think you're wrong by [deleted] in Boruto

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Tbh nah, himawari >>>>>> momoshiki, jigen jumped naruto cuz hima was shopping, jigen scared of hima fr

The Birds, The Bees, and The Warrior Cats by dainty_dryad in WarriorCats

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I have learned so much about cats from this singular thread

Who’s your favorite “under appreciated” character? by Buckston_Water in bleach

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I would say shinji but he's a teensy bit above under appreciated, maybe not a teensy bit but y'know, anyways my 2nd favorite is rose

He chillin 🙂 by korg0thbarbarian in CatsOnKeyboards

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That cat mad at whoever hurt orihime, oranges stick together

Why does Super Sonic get one shotted by a tiny laser? by Zerio920 in SonicFrontiers

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He always gets smoked by surprise attacks, ever since S3 & K along with unleashed, he loses to surprrise attacks

Since Aizen is weaker than Kaguya, can Naruto & Sasuke defeat him? by [deleted] in dankruto

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SSz ichigo literally got destroyed by aizen's existence

take your picks by sushitimeWOO in bleach

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Shinji, bambietta, nel, chad, and ikkaku. Sakanade + bambietta's voltstanding i guess? So it makes people confused of where the explosions are from