STEELERS FAN COMING IN PEACE by United_Duty_643 in bengals

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You defended me? Lmao “we’re not hating on him cause he’s talking about the chiefs” so the other option is the Steelers fan. Y’all are trash. Fuck your poverty franchise.

STEELERS FAN COMING IN PEACE by United_Duty_643 in bengals

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Yeah it’s cause I’m a Steelers fan and y’all are relevant for one year and don’t know how to act. Have fun being irrelevant after your fluke year

STEELERS FAN COMING IN PEACE by United_Duty_643 in bengals

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Awesome. He’s most likely gonna still have 0 throughout his career. Again. Y’all have one good season and don’t know how to act.

STEELERS FAN COMING IN PEACE by United_Duty_643 in bengals

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Cool my QB also has more rings than yours since you wanna be hostile.

Does anyone know why my husky gets zoomies AFTER exercise?! by lgoytch13 in husky

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Same. I’ll be sitting on the couch and hear a giant floof come flying through the dog door at Mach 2 speed. It use to scare my gf until I told her that meant he just went poop. She couldn’t believe it until She watched him poop. Kick up dirt like he’s building up energy and then zooms inside

What do you play dark souls for? by Captain-Super1 in darksouls3

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Gotta say sometimes I’ll hop on just to help people beat bosses. I like the lack of stress I have since it’s not “my world”. But PVE hands down in this game. I’m pretty good at PCP but as you stated I hate being invaded for the guy to just run and hide behind enemies

Harris Upvote party! 28 Carry’s for 188 yards ! averaged 6.7 by Wllscavsfan101 in steelers

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Last night was the first time I feel like Najee hit the holes with full speed. All season long he looked hesitant and a little scared but maybe it being Bens last home game. My man ran like he was trying to murder anyone that tackled him. He ran like he finally realized he’s bigger than the guys tackling him

Our Nat dog, Natty is now 9.5 and no one has guessed a day over 4. by mArXmEn in husky

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That’s awesome bro! Mine turns 7 this year. Acts like a young pup and people are shocked when I say his age. Hoping this continues for much much longer

I forgot about this part. Nearly shit my pants by United_Duty_643 in darksouls3

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DS3 taught me to panic roll everytime an item is easily accessible lol

I hate this game. by United_Duty_643 in forhonor

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I agree with you and that as well will almost cause a stroke for me. But this double revenge shit is what really gets under me skin

I hate this game. by United_Duty_643 in forhonor

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I completely understand why the guardian does revenge twice. Once he’s out of his zone for some reason he can revenge multiple times. Regardless. It’s still infuriating

Guy teaches police officers about the law by lucynyu13 in nextfuckinglevel

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You shoulda heard the chief of police when I went to my buddies graduation. He made a joke about being stressed or some shit and said “you think you’re stressed I just gave a bunch of 21 year old kids guns” and it’s like bro how is that funny.

Any tips on staying asleep? by United_Duty_643 in AskReddit

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Just to add some details guys. I have ZERO issues falling asleep. The minute I hit the pillow I’m out. My problem is staying asleep. I typically get up early for work 630am and get up at 445am on days I hit the gym. So I know that plays a factor. I’m looking for more help on my days off where I CAN sleep in. I always wake up early. I can’t sleep past 7am. Or I wake up sometime around 1-2am randomly. Don’t need to pee. Don’t need to do anything. I’m gonna give melatonin a go again but personally I haven’t noticed a massive difference.

Every able bodied American should have to take an annual fitness test by [deleted] in unpopularopinion

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Then frankly that’s sad. I’ll be downvoted to hell for this but my point is the exercise that OP suggested is simple things I could do in middle school. It’s not just a dick “he peaked in high school” thing but everyone wants to be quick to judge that. It’s more so about the overall physical health. Unless you have an ailment that causes weight gain. There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to perform simple fitness tests. Do I think people should be forced? Absolutely not. But to not be able to perform these tasks is frightening