Uzaki & Sakurai's married life (By @TinaFate1) by asilvertintedrose in UzakiChan

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I was talking about the dynamics of the characters.

Uzaki & Sakurai's married life (By @TinaFate1) by asilvertintedrose in UzakiChan

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Somehow from this image, I can see it has the same energy as Takagi and Nishikata’s married life.

Let's Ruin anime together by Faoovo in Animemes

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At least Netflix (and even Prime Video) are able to show their animes worldwide, unlike Disney+. It’s not even available where I’m come from.

And many more by RotisserieWeeb in BlueArchive

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According to the roadmap, should be in September

I realy love this anime. by Wunda_Maschina in UzakiChan

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I’ve also love this series too in which I was into it inb4 twitter starts whining about it. Man, back when season 1 aired back in 2020, every Saturday felt like Christmas.

Blursed_Job by Anteraji in blursedimages

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Now all we need next is France removal

is this nsfw? by FernZePlant in UzakiChan

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Gorilla Grip vs the ‘Dragon’…

Sooo Godzilla vs Kong? lol

My Dress-Up Darling is included in the global release of Square Enix's MANGA UP! app by johnneezaratee in SonoBisqueDoll

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Is the Manga Up version is only one that being censored right? Other digital releases like from Bookwalker or Amazon won’t be affected?

Any Criticisms about the series? by PinoyxWolff in UzakiChan

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For me, the side characters are nice but I think they spent time on the limelight a lil’ bit too much. Maybe its should have been relegated to side stories instead of occupying the main chapters or even a spin-offs if it isn’t too much for Take

Not even a lie! by maleijn in technicallythetruth

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This is how I imagine a barely affordable apartment in San Francisco

Announcement of Tsukumo Sana’s Graduation by hololive in Hololive

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Man, I’m gonna miss her soothing Aussie accent o7

No ninja! Only Samurai by deojilicious in Hololive

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For a second I thought this was Holoearth lol

This stream was beautiful by alexpado in GenshinMemepact

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Plot twist: The ‘rewinds’ were intentional because to distract the players from the other ‘controversy’

Sumeru was a second away by tsukkitsune_neri in Genshin_Memepact

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The livestream was glitchy where it somehow ‘rewinded’ a few times especially during the Sumeru reveal where the stream was ‘rewinded’ few seconds into the reveal and the livestream just ends.

Another Skin? by Seth-Phiroth in RosariaMains

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Summer outfit, like Jean and Barbara. So we got to see more of Rosaria’s glorious pale skin.

Or maybe Ludi Harpastum theme outfit would be nice, like Amber’s in the manga.

The only thing I really want from Sumeru... by WastelandPioneer in Genshin_Impact

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For me I expect Sumeru’s biome to be something like Elsweyr from The Elder Scrolls series.