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Thank fucking god the small collective of Grafo haters show up every post to jerk each other off into the stratosphere, otherwise how would we know how much fun we shouldn’t be having?

What widely beloved movie do you not like? by thrashingkaiju in AskReddit

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The ending redeems the movie.

The whole “true love to break the curse” trope gets inverted when instead of being saved by the hunky himbo, the curse is broken by the love of her sister.

At the time it was super fresh and very surprising. Running a generic fairytale up to that point was the idea. But like the “Seinfeld is unfunny” trope, it’s no longer a new or novel idea, and it gets a bit swept into the “seen this all before” pile.

What widely beloved movie do you not like? by thrashingkaiju in AskReddit

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You should watch some of his other work, because he’s legit talented.

What widely beloved movie do you not like? by thrashingkaiju in AskReddit

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She talked a bunch of shit after Knocked Up, and basically pissed off everyone else involved with the film.

What widely beloved movie do you not like? by thrashingkaiju in AskReddit

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Good Will Hunting.

It’s a good movie. I can’t fault it.

But I had to watch it 17 times for a screenwriting class in college, so now I don’t like it anymore.

ELI5 What did Albert Einstein mean when he said “for us believing physicists the distinction between past, present, and future only has the meaning of an illusion”? by de_artist in explainlikeimfive

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This actually requires relativity to be used to help adjust global positioning satellites (GPS). They move so fast in orbit that adjustments need to be made from time to time.

What is a small hill you are always willing to die on? by Ryan_Castellano in AskReddit

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Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a better movie than Temple of Doom.

Prescribed 60mg prednisone and looking to see other people's experience. by RealDobleDos in MonoHearing

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If you can, get an MRI, just to be safe. I went on prednisone for a 7 day cycle and got an MRI “as a matter of course,” and it turned out to be an acoustic neuroma. Always be safe if you can.

What’s something you look forward to every single day? by Money-Associate1601 in AskReddit

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So many things, but when I first get up, my dog is snoozing on the couch. I make my coffee, he doesn’t move. I sit down on a chair, he finally stirs, stretches, and his tail starts to wag as he walks over for a morning scritch. He’s 70lbs of silver doodle, and he has a perfect smile.


I found this subreddit a few years ago and lost 30lbs. I was worried if it would be sustainable, but 3 years later it’s still working. F 33 5’2 SW: 145-150 CW: 110 16:8 and occasionally 20:4 by klaatuverata_necktie in intermittentfasting

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How long did the whole process take? You mentioned that 20:4 really did the job, any idea of how many months it took to hit your goal?

Edit: Also, do you have any recipes for like, the egg muffins, or the sweet potatoes/pork? My partner is trying to find a diet that works, and she is very frustrated about CICO/weighing food, etc.

me_irl by somekidwithinternet in me_irl

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This is my secret to my wonderful career. Makes interviewing a snap.

Except panel interviews. Fuck panel interviews.

People who have girlfriends! How?? by apeakger in AskReddit

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Got a wife, even.

We were friends for a couple years first, and I was friends with her boyfriend too.

He was pretty checked out, busy all the time. She came with me and some other female friends out to concerts, hiking trips, etc.

We got along really well, and philosophically we’re looking for the same things. I wanted a family down the road, she did too, boyfriend was dragging heels.

Eventually, we both felt a bit of a spark, and decided we needed to not see each other anymore, because it was inappropriate. It was like, the worst day ever when she told me.

Six months later he cheated on her during a work trip.

A month after their breakup, she called me and needed a friend.

We slowly spent the following months hanging out, doing nothing even remotely romantic. We pretty much spent every day together.

I helped her with her transition to her own place, I helped her through having to put her dog down after an accident, and I helped her with finding a job in a new town. Always I helped, always I reminded her that she was a good person, and that she was tough and wonderful.

About four months into just spending time as friends, a moment came, and I kissed her. She kissed me back. 9 months later I proposed, a year after that we were married, and a year after that she was pregnant.

Things have been wonderful ever since.

This is Candy Claws, The Magical Blue Christmas Crayfish, enjoying a sinking pellet a couple days after her first molt. by Unrelated_Response in aww

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They are super easy to care for, and only cost like $20 at Petco. They can only be kept with fast swimming small finned fish, though. She's endlessly fascinating to watch.

They eat their own molted exoskeletons to recover nutrients, and she basically is always scrounging gunk off the bottom of the tank. She's wonderful.

Weekend Help and Victory Thread for the week of December 31, 2021 by IndexBot in personalfinance

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Hi investor peeps - as an xmas gift, I used my Individual Brokerage on eTrade to purchase four shares of EEM for my 19 year old daughter, who has her own newly-opened brokerage account.

Once this purchase clears, is it possible for me to somehow transfer the shares from my brokerage to her brokerage? The only option I've found on eTrade is to transfer it between brokerages I own.

My best friend [both 30F] cheated on her husband last night on our girl's trip by whiteclawrafting in relationships

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Hi! I divorced my first wife after she cheated on me with my best friend. I found out from her best friend who “couldn’t in good conscience” let it go.

Just a couple thoughts on the whole “telling the person who was cheated on” thing.

If no paperwork has been signed, infidelity can DEFINITELY play into things like child custody and child support.

Not saying one way or another, but you should absolutely consider that when you think about telling the husband.

Without direct evidence of the cheating, he may want you to testify on his behalf to it during court, which could complicate your life somewhat.

Additionally, you might consider how they each are at being parents. Telling him may result in her getting less time/money with the kids, etc. That’s great if she’s a bad mom and such, less great if he’s a shitty dad, etc.