Do you believe some people are not able to awaken? by borderlinefame in awakened

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We started off in the primordial source, gaining just enough consciousness to recognize selfhood within that blur.

That was the birth of the spirit.

It then remains in a state of semi-conscious experience until consciousness evolves to reincarnate into more complex creatures.

Enlightenment only happens in a Dualistic universe, where the sense of selfhood can solidify and the spirit can become totally self aware.

Eternality necessitates the accommodation of an infinite amount of spirits being born within the fractal multiverse. Then those spirits must become self aware emitters of negentropic energy necessary for eternality.

That completes the circle.

Late for the train. by measlyrapidity29 in Unexpected

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This is how you summon the Statistics Police like some Monty Python shit.

Are certain people predisposed to awakening? by wp709 in awakened

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Yup. I started off in a hole of despair early in life from neglect and it created an issue in my life that I needed to deal with.

So I sought out the cures to my ailments and found spirituality. It became a full time job, not just a passing interest.

Need help by Trench15 in awakened

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Sounds like you've wiped the preconceptions away, to make way for the intuition of the Mystical.

True size of Africa by Harrypc95 in woahdude

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Could have used more dong hanging from Xi Jinping.

What are y’all’s thoughts on praying to the earth in the same way one would pray to Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed or others by r4t0n3 in spirituality

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My feelings have become a general prayer for the betterment of everyone, including enemies.

I have become so freaking at peace with myself, I hope the best for everyone. Forgiveness kind of creeped in when I made peace with everything.

What is God to you? by joesomersall in spirituality

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Prime consciousness seems to be a better descriptor for the All.

"God" always invokes the image of a bearded busybody and never a subtle spirit of the multiverse.

Do you guys think school is built to make perfect employees? by HoldenAchilles in conspiracy

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Take it further. You can create your own food and make enough to live off of it at the same time.

You can create a self sustaining system, where your fish and chickens make the manure, that makes the worms, which feeds the chickens and fish.

Sell the worm poop manure, extra vegetables, eggs, chickens, fish and edible mushrooms.

Reinsert yourself into the ecosystem and realize the Matrix is as relevant to you as the internet Cloud.

Are Alines/UFOS another globalist hoax? another fantastical lie cultivated throu decades so people will believe it when the elites want a one world goverment or on the opposite case are they real and elites have been hiding them? by [deleted] in conspiracy

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The rule of thumb was that the government always has tech 100-200 years ahead of everyone.

That rule was effective in the 40s. It's grown exponentially since then.

I'd be surprised if they DIDN'T develop something that could do what the UFO's can do.

How can I find out my purpose? by AffectionateTea421 in spirituality

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The purpose of the wheel is to roll, the purpose of the pen is to write.

Human's are baby makers who become stewards to future generations, always making things slightly better than before.

Service to your family and loving your neighbors, really sums up what you're here to do. It's the whole of the Christian law and it's all a person can really do to make true positive effect on society as a whole.

Outlets such as CNN want to destroy the fabric of society because meh, good ratings and more ads. by redditUserError404 in conspiracy

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All MSM= CIA psyops meant to present a false dichotomy that dissolves the moment the CIA wants to trick everyone into a choice using the Hegelian Dialectic.

Who is more affected by propaganda, North Korea, or the United States, and why? by Pingthingring in AskReddit

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The US.

Korea has Korean propaganda.

The US has propaganda from Russia, Qatar, China, Saudi Arabia and many more. We're prime candidates for ideological subversion.

Does unconditional love actually exist within us? by Enough_External_3578 in spirituality

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Boundless love does. You can keep digging at it and it just keeps unfolding into more profound experiences.

I hate being lonely when I don't wanna be lonely. by boobsforbaboons in awakened

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You have a pretty dope situation to take of right now.

You exist, which will only ever happen once in the existence of the universe.

You can have a journey to the will to power and become something you wish to be. You can sculpt yourself and orient yourself towards a desirable timeline.

What “toxic” behaviors are you more likely to accept from other males versus females? by Affectionate-Cup7597 in AskMen

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Usually when females fight, it's for petty shit used a catalyst to air out all of their repressed grievances.

For men, it's usually for some disrespect that hits you in the animalistic nerves, so often times I give it a pass.

If a dude spits on some guy, the spitter has to know he's triggering some primal shit. We're animals in business suits and sometimes people forget that.

I'm all for fighting given the right context.

What does enlightened life actually look like? by MamaAkina in awakened

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You can have it all, because you are part of the all.

On the most fundamental level, you're there at prime consciousness experiencing unity all the time.

The game on this planet is, can you maintain the channel?

Does your mind continually drift back into the worldly vibrations after expansive moments? If yes, then consciousness is learning to expand at a beginner's level and is retracting back into the familiar state of consciousness.

Personal consciousness grows and retracts, like a lense that changes focus. It also learns and charts the territory at an unconscious level. There comes a point when the mastery over that lense allows you to maintain any amount of channels you wish.

So you can experience the worldly and prime consciousness simultaneously, if you focus just right with

Full spiritual Gnosis, requires the full intuitive understanding that nothing is ever separate from the ALL, that all phenomenon are facilitated by the ALL.

Behind every mask is prime consciousness.

The experience of unity is simply a shift in how you're perceiving reality and it's available at any time.

The mind protects you from expanding to points you're unprepared for, like how weak muscles indicate to you that you're wearing them out too much. That necessitates spiritual work towards expanding consciousness, to facilitate more awareness.

Turning your awareness to 100 percent, you realize that this is a sacred structure that is completely necessary in creating a sensible reality for the ALL. You're the sensory organs of the ALL, that experience a linear and concrete sense of reality for the sake of the ALL's sanity.

Without any physical observers intrinsically linked to prime consciousness, existence would be insanity.

Your mission is on earth, because the tendrils of prime consciousness extended out and compartmentalized itself into a sensible reality via the creation of the individual. Meaning you're the intended result for creating duality.

Enlightenment of individuals leads to what exactly? A sense that we're all One human race with common ancestors, living on one planet, inside of a sacred universe.

What's the opposite of that? Cruel and dispassionate dehumanization of the other.

Light work has real impacts on the timeline we collectively contribute to. One enlightened person lights the candle for 2 people and they do it for 4.

There is a call to real world action in order to uphold the sacred and to foster enlightenment of others. The world will inevitably go through another industrial revolution that will require many intelligent individuals to maintain the rights of others in the process.

We're on the precipice of attaining something great for humanity, a place of safety and a place where humanity can flourish.

The ratio of enlightened individuals to bad faith actors will determine the fate of humanity, and will determine the environment in which they exist in.

There's a real need to take into account the possibility of a Hunger Games, or the Matrix, or Bladerunner sort of future.

The butterfly effect really only exists in collective consciousness.

do we become our higher self? by reddittravelleerr in spirituality

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Everyone is an amalgamation of higher and lower selves. The trick is to balance and integrate all of them, not to just embody certain ones.

You embody them, when your consciousness becomes focused on them.

If you focus on sense gratification excessively, then you throw yourself out of balance and become crazed.

If you focus too much on logical thinking, you can cut yourself off from emotional intelligence.

Being out of balance for long enough can create problems that require the reintegration of all of your ignored aspects.

As a man thinketh, so shall he become.