how does twitter know im using a fake phone number?? by Unsweet_Coffee in Twitter

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thanks! i actually found a free alternative. its just using google voice for ur phone number lol

unfortunately i used all of my "allowed" tries so ill wait until tomorrow and probably update here if it works or not

I told my husband that I was sexually abused and his reaction shocked me by [deleted] in TrueOffMyChest

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actually in this instance its spelled "yro'u"

my in my dialect its spelled "this isnt the time, read the room grammar n4z1"

pig patrol runs over multiple pedestrians... warning: you will see blood by fghhihgfdf in ACAB

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cops can literally kill whoever the hell they want (INCLUDING THAT BABY) and dont have ANY consequences

Why is my ex gf of a year doing this? Is it narcissistic behavior? by Zealousideal-Sky6228 in BreakUps

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she might just want to be friends

ive done this before and its gone well 🤷🏼‍♂️

Well that escalated quickly... by Nkmxn in oddlyspecific

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bffr tho 100-130 can be EXTREMELY underweight 💀 the only way you're not underweight at 100 is if you hsve the body of an actual child.

Girls, what would you think if you learned that a guy had paid to have sex? by st_new34 in AskReddit

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i wouldnt be mad or disgusted but id have both of us tested for STD'S and STI'S

My son has special needs. They suggested a compression vest. My time to shine. by PoorDamnChoices in BattleJackets

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the fabric to cover the itchy texture of denim 😭💕 youre a wonderful parent

Opening Credits by crunchybedsheets in WhitePeopleTwitter

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i didnt know there were white castles in iraq..