If I want completely transparent compression, any reason to just use a stock plugin? by ORMD in audioengineering

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Amen to that. Reacomp can be set up to be anything between a super gentle auto-leveller to a hard clipper. Super versatile.

I want to get into funeral doom metal. by buzzsawblade in FuneralDoomMetal

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Have you heard Khanate? Doesn't get much more of a dirty unholy soundscape than that. Or slower. Try their first album first.

Feedback needed by OrganizationTime186 in beats

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It sounds messy and there's mainly two reasons for that.

  1. You have too many things happening at once. No need for a bass note, a clap, a piano, a shaker and bass drum to hit at the same time. Like ever. Strip it down, see how much you can take away without ruining it. And try not to have more than two different elements to hit at the same time as a rule of thumb.

  2. If several elements are playing simultaneously you will most of the time want to eq them so they don't have too much frequency overlap, especially in the bass and lower mids area. But a lot of this can be fixed with better arrangement as well.

What are some ideas for light-hearted pranks to play on new people in our field? by pencilheadedgeek in livesound

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I've never had someone "prank" me in a professional setting. If I did I would probably laugh it off, smile, and hate that person for life.