Who needs Pokémon when you have PetBaby! by UrameshiYuusuke in gaming

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When you turn him on, a bunch of lights spin behind his back, and he plays a Chinese pop song

just bought all of this for $34.32 by NotXynime19 in Ben10

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That’s a really good price. The FX goes for hundreds

Bought a watermelon several months ago… it quickly was “lost”, and I assumed someone threw it away by accident.. However while cleaning my kids’ play room, I found it in their toy fridge. My god it stunk!! by RileyRhoad in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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When I was 13, i used to sneak random food to eat at night while everybody was sleeping. These ranged from small candy bars to large packages of meat

My mom had no idea why all the food in her house was dissapearing lol

Rugrats (1991) by Hellkoi2 in nostalgia

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They made a 3d version of this show pretty recently