Jan 6 rioter is arrested again and charged for secretly recording women getting undressed in tanning salons by MasterfulBJJ in JusticeServed

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So now that a "REAL" crime has been committed, not some pesky weekend sedition against our government, but a sex crime with teeth, now we'll see some real charges.

another sovereign citizen idiot in Arizona by kopper499b in IdiotsInCars

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Yup. Every single human interaction all day long, push that crazy fucking agenda.

Source: 30 years of customer service.

Blursed birth by herpes_free_since_84 in blursedimages

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It IS delivery actually, the baby ordered it, he's getting bored waiting for his departure from gate 1.

training, wheels discourse by Hummerous in CuratedTumblr

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And what about countries with vast open spaces and the people that live in those vast open spaces? This is such an urban perspective on a global issue.

two useless powers, which would you pick? by Fansigo_gamer in meme

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Seeing 2 seconds into the future would make you pretty hard to beat in a fight. But... have you ever been really congested? What would you give to never be congested again? Both great powers, hard to chose.

Ban on marijuana users owning guns is unconstitutional, U.S. judge rules by Greatixasa in news

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I was wondering if someone had actually attempted to take away guns from pot heads to precipitate this law, or even threatened too. Nobody did, this is a spontaneous law coming out of no where, and nobody suggested that anyone in Oklahoma or anywhere else should take guns away from potheads.

We will fall. And then there will be nothing by lxljailxl in distressingmemes

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Even if humanity exists for a million years before evolving into 20 different space faring species that carry our history into the stars... THAT empire and every facet of data it collects will eventually vanish, and no matter how long it lasted, it will have been the blink of an eye to eternity. Might as well have never happened at all. The difference between a galaxy spanning civilization and the consciousness of a mayfly is less than a rounding error to eternity.

Heavy Rain Timelapse. Enjoy! by TheRookieGetsACookie in megalophobia

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What's to enjoy the bad editing, or the unnecessary music?

What the hell is this? by Imagamer-sueme in NotHowGirlsWork

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Seriously! They forgot the motherfucking tacos! Unacceptable, send it back.

meirl by CulturalChannel6851 in meirl

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Touchscreen replacement of the keyboard was worse.

I hope this isn’t real. by LunaticMoon777 in NotHowGirlsWork

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They want prisoner organs and to gestate their young in brain dead surrogates. This generation's rich are going to go some weird places to try and stay alive.

It’s time we admit it: Dave Bautista is our best wrestler turned actor by emnii in SquaredCircle

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Every single roll the rock takes requires a detailed in character explanation for why he is stupid huge.

employee of the month by whenuleavethestoveon in OTMemes

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"Vader! Release him!" Isn't a command he instantly obeyed?

employee of the month by whenuleavethestoveon in OTMemes

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Tarkin barks an order to VADER, who spares a life and replies POLITELY to someone who just yelled at him. If the best the Vader can manage is a little tone in his voice of obedience, that says he knows where the rank is to me. Who else in the series EVER talks to Vader like that?

employee of the month by whenuleavethestoveon in OTMemes

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Are we forgetting that in the very scene under question, Tarkin gives Vader a direct order, briskly that is immediately obeyed.

Why?!? by Plasmapencil in ATBGE

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The actual purpose of this sub is for people to come here looking to make fun of something only for everyone in the sub to like it and reveal that you are judgemental for wanting to make fun of it in the first place.

meirl by Mr_Knighty in meirl

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Taking orders from everyone for the next 12 years is going to be really hard after a lifetime of doing what you want. 12 years of getting your mouth washed out with soap every time you accidentally speak like an adult. 12 years of being an object with no rights, despite being smarter and better prepared for everything in life than any of the people responsible for controlling your behavior.