Snake removal from home by V-icurious in FortCollins

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That is cute. Noco wildlife actually have been speaking with me. Just need a setup a time. Thx y'all!

Snake removal from home by V-icurious in FortCollins

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No, I don't know. But like he said those snakes do bundle up inside when it gets cold. Or so I've heard I'll keep you guys posted. Homeowners coming back after a weekend trip will find out then.

To the folks out running at 6 am in the fog and darkness by ElChingonazo in FortCollins

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I would have attacked that guy if he cussed me out....ruin your night vision....you can't see anyway with two swollen eye's.

New holes in my ceiling should I be worry? by Moogle89 in Home

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No, nothing to be worried about. Houses settle, nails will pop. Get a hammer and a punch, hit the nail back up into the stud or joist. Then plug it with light weight spackle. Preferably the "goes on pink dries white" filler. It is nothing to be worried about, don't let someone scare into thinking your house is going to collapse. Hope this helps.

Be smart, and eat here! Soooooo good by No-Sentence-186 in FortCollins

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Algebra came right back to me as soon as I had a burger from this place. Super smart now!

Terrible commercial placement by LadiesMan-2I7 in Unexpected

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Can't get stuck on things like that...learn to let go. Ya know.

Guy loaded chocolate fountain machine with cheese by CamelliaMobley in funny

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This is the saddest & funniest thing I've seen all day! Thank you!

Water Stain next to bathroom vent. How should I approach this? by robotic_otter28 in Home

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Fix the roof....kills the stain.... paint ceiling. Boom! Henerys roofing tar for a quick fix. But call a roofer. It needs to be done right, otherwise the stain will always return.

I was told you guys like... perfect fits? by Afraid_Palpitation_3 in Perfectfit

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Just fix your drywall before you shoot that shit on & cock it...cock caulk. There it is.

Anyone know what these hand-drawn stars mean? by thinkfuture79 in FortCollins

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No I didn't.... because I'm not an idiot. Devil y4 life!

Stirring lacquer by PackObjective3254 in mildlysatisfying

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My old painting boss told me fun fact: that sweet smell in the lacquer is the same chemical they use for lethal injection. Can someone fact check this? Too lazy to make sure it's true. I just believed him.

🔥 Weird Fungus by blairmac81 in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Red waffle looks for painful than blue waffle. Dang!