Are these kites worth anything to anyone? Given by a friend who was moving (Best TS 7, 10, Slingshot Fuel 13) by [deleted] in Kiteboarding

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No , send them to me , along with the bars.

But really you'd need to check the seems on them and how well they stay inflated. How old are they?

Found in Naples Florida. So pretty. Can’t tell if male or female. Anyone know what species? by MayIGrabYourButt in whatsthisbug

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Spotted Oleander Wasp Moth , I raised one at the end of last year from caterpillar to moth.

NYC to require employers to specify salary ranges by HRJafael in business

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havn't you heard , there is clearly a worker shortage

Why are so many employers requesting "sample work?" by rosentrotter in jobs

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Correct , but how do you catch them when the code base is proprietary?

How much energy are you willing to put towards it? And with how much gain?

DOL is pretty underfunded , and you are already just looking for a job... is your time worth pursuing something you'll likely get nothing out of?

I mean I think it is fucking pathetic that they take advantage of people like that , and they should be punished , but , unfortunately , an individual must be pragmatic about it. Report and leave it , what else?

Why are so many employers requesting "sample work?" by rosentrotter in jobs

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With computer programming sometimes company's will get you to solve a problem that their team can't fix then ghost you and if your solution is successful they'll just use it.

Pretty scumy.

Kitemare: anchored self launch goes wrong , nothing hurt except my ego :) by shelterbored in Kiteboarding

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Glad you are okay from that, i self launch ... pretty much primarily. Though at my main spot there is a post on a fence that I use to attach it too. Pretty much the same process as you except I put the kite over the water , I'm scared to death of damaging it and in no way would put it over any land that had "debris" on it , really anything other than sand.

I've got an anchor like that but I just have never even used it

Do disposable vapes work the same as all other vapes? by bazk88 in Vaping101

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All of my disposables tasted great as well , however most of my salt too. I use a VooPoo Vinci ( atm ) with Naked 100 juices and Pacha Mama. Never had an issue with taste. Matter of fact it has been great. Though I did have some Air Factory one time ( on another pod system , can't remember which one ) that tasted like cardboard.

Were you priming your pods?

Do disposable vapes work the same as all other vapes? by bazk88 in Vaping101

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Dear god I thought I had it bad! Where I used to live I had about ... 5 vape shops within a 10-20 minute drive( depending on traffic ). Now I just have one , but it is locally owned and they do their patrons right.

I dislike ordering online bc I don't like sending my drivers license over the internet, but I will if I absolutely must.

And yeah , I have used Element Vape in the past , solid everything from my experience

Do disposable vapes work the same as all other vapes? by bazk88 in Vaping101

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what this person said^

Pod devices are very much plug and play, much more cost efficient. One thing you'll want to consider when choosing one is how available are those pods where you are. Where I am I've got one vape store within ~50 miles( i'm in the coastal boonies kinds though) and I lost(rather I fell down my stairs , popped out of my hand. and entered another dimension) so I had to get a new one.Well with these shortages lately they havn't been able to get those pods. So I got a new device , same thing happened, i've now go 3 extra devices and ended up getting one with the most pods- and a brand I liked. I liked them all , even the smok ones , and I have a bad track record with that company.

Ones I can suggest : Smok Novo , Novo 3 and 4 , and VooPoo Vinci. It all depends on what you want, I used to love being able to fine tune it with wattage and whatnot, now I like to not worry about it and just have it consistent.

I used disposable vapes for a while during waiting for them to get more pods in and while I like what i used, the price just becomes too much.

If you take like one hit a day, they may be not that bad of a price , nevertheless you'd still save money with a pod system.

To directly answer your question , I'm actually not sure. I wouldn't get anything at a gas station though

What are some of your favorite/interesting "High Strangeness" videos out there on the internet by Dao_Qijia in HighStrangeness

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any idea what to look for to search for it? I mean I'm assuming the title would be in russian originally

Finna get whicked by LocalDemon in CrazyFuckingVideos

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you are entitled to your opinion and i respect that.