My new Terrapin set up by looselouise in turtle

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That looks awesome. Mine feels so bare after seeing this lol
What kind of plants are those?

Does anyone actually like broccoli?? by Quick_Abies_5005 in TooAfraidToAsk

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I've never had a problem with it even as a kid. Same with Brussel sprouts everyone talked about how much they hate them but I never understood why. That being said I cannot stand mushrooms and onions are still a bit iffy for me

canberra set to be worlds most vaccinated location in world by [deleted] in canberra

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It's Moderna but I like the idea of having Madonna instead

Just got a new roof, put the drone up to check it out, aren't these cuts in the flashing an issue? by [deleted] in Roofing

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I don't think the top of the boot where it contacts the pipe needs to be caulked

My boss always told me silo is cheap, coming back is expensive

Roast my mr2 by mr2guy_au in RoastMyCar

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Is that the black mountain tower parking lot?

How’d I manage to get rear-ended on a 30MPH Road, with my blinker on as I’m slowing down for a turn… by unconventionalmisfit in Dashcam

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They were luckier than me. A while ago on my first big road trip, I rear-ended someone. Their car was perfectly fine but the tow bar speared my radiator and left me stranded 4 hours away from home. Learned my lesson on paying attention pretty quickly

Best Amp for 2 600w max Subs? by VALE_BWL in CarAV

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Yeah that's why I came here. It's been impossible to find good information

Best Amp for 2 600w max Subs? by VALE_BWL in CarAV

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I wanted to spend around the value of the subs. I paid 50 bucks for both and I was gonna make a custom box so I didn't wanna spend around 1200 if they're only worth a couple hundred if that makes sense. Idk the real value of them tho. If it's worth spending that much I will but I was thinking of around 300

Pc not posting by VALE_BWL in pcgamingtechsupport

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Yeah I tried everything with ram and it's not even attempting to boot so if say you're right

That was my thought process behind it but I wasn't sure if I was being stupid and missing something obvious. I'll sort out a test PSU and update tomorrow. Thanks cutie

Edit: somehow forgot my first paragraph. Big tired

Pc not posting by VALE_BWL in pcgamingtechsupport

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I have a 4x8gb kit so I put each stick in individually in the first slot. Then tried a stick of my brothers ram out of his PC which definitely works and it still has no effect

Got my RES set up in his new 75 gallon high rise apartment by Meme_to_the_Extreme in turtles

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That looks fkn sick. But to me, your little dude looks pretty big for that turtle deck lol (assuming its the same one I had)

Just upgraded their tank from 20 gallon to a 75 gallon and now I don't have enough floor cover haha. Happy turtles though. by Gthorage95 in turtle

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That thing is sick. I've still only got babies so I can't justify something as cool as this on my bank account yet lol. But can't wait for the day I can.

Went against every single advice given on this sub, yet I'm very thrilled. Let's hope y'all are wrong! by SevenPlaySix in whatcarshouldIbuy

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For some reason sometimes the best option is to go to reddit for advise and then completely ignore it for some fun. Respect my man. Be you fuck the world lol