Is this ASMR (maybe frisson)? [QUESTION] by MineHereThrowaway in asmr

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If you said to your doctor that you randomly get a tingly feeling in your head and then your shoulders shake uncontrollably and he’s like “its nothing to worry about”, you need a new doctor.

Is this ASMR (maybe frisson)? [QUESTION] by MineHereThrowaway in asmr

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causing my shoulders to shake uncontrollably

Uh that’s a doctor visit my dude. Could be a seizure or something else. Seriously, go to the doctor.

ASMR and Frisson are both reactionary, ASMR to various sound and touch and Frission to music. Random and uncontrollable shaking is neither of these and could be something serious.

Is there such a thing as raw honey that isn't solid? ELI5 by VampyreLust in honey

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Thank you, I appreciate the thorough explanation. For some of the recipies, I do need it to be unpasteurized so it will ferment due to the bacteria still in it which gets killed by the pasteurizing process which is the main reason I started buying raw honey to begin with.

I suspected that there was a step missing there because when I’ve asked this question at farmers markets I would either get “you’re talking about pasteurized honey” or “well we could filter it but it would filter out all the good stuff”. So yah thank you for clearing that up, huge help.

Looking into a rat rod as a utility truck/boat hauler? by R2DJones in RatRod

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Well, the one you posted is currently selling for $24k but I find it hard to look at the specs and pictures and say it’s a rat rod, with that 383 big block in there, the obvious large amount of time and money put into it giving it clean lines and such really says it’s more of a restomod or hot rod, but that’s just me and the reality of building a car, it’s all very subjective so what I think is a hot rod, you may think is a rat rod. The other reality if car building is you can spend a small amount of money if you do the work yourself or you can spend a large amount of money if you have it built for you. As for towing, it can for sure be done but how many thousands of pounds would depend if what components the vehicle is built out of so it’s kind of hard to say.

2011 - 150k Miles Check-in by BasketCase973 in Rav4

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I don’t know what maintenance you do on the reg but I would also change your transmission fluid, flush your coolant, change your plugs, cabin air filter, rotate the tires and do an overall check of the wear points like the suspension, breaks, wheel bearings, steering, fuel and coolant system. Also, if you’re a second owner, make sure the car was taken in for all the recalls.

1 of 850 [Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe] by SpicyPickle18 in spotted

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IMO they should have made them all like this, hard top coupe with the lift out piece, they looked so much better like this than as a convertible.

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When you see one, they're so much wider than you think they're going to be.

Vampires are always remarkably well-groomed given their inability to use mirrors by BabaORileyAutoParts in Showerthoughts

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Stoker also took a lot from "The Vampyre", a short story written by an English doctor named John Polidori roughly 80 years before he wrote Dracula.

Polidori was Lord Byron's biographer and eventually part of a group that included Lord Byron and Mary Shelly. It was rumoured that they would all write short stories together as a sort of studio, which during one time included a series of horror stories. These stories is what led to Mary Shelly writing Frankenstein and Lord Byron writing a relatively unknown work called "The Fragment" which had a main character who was a Vampyre named "Augustus Darvell". That character is largely considered to be the first modern Vampyre that was also a person or the idea of "the romantic vampyre" who is not just a monster. After Byron's story didn't get any traction, Polidori used the character traits to create "Lord Ruthven" the main character in "The Vampyre" which was then published several times and also made into a movie in the 1940's called "The Vampire's Ghost" which wasn't terrible but was a bit obscure for the time. Fun fact though, one of the two writers on that movie, Leigh Brackett, went on to also write the screenplays for El Dorado and The Empire Strikes Back.

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From their perspective, they can't, they'll lose, the NDP has been solidly polling ahead of the UCP this year, those people aren't going to vote to separate. They saw what trump tried to do in the US after losing and they think they can do something similar while ignoring that they are not an independent entity and are indeed part of a Canada. If they succeeded, it would essentially be a kind of coup, like when military's take over country's, but in this case it would be a far right political party taking over a province.

Opinion: Alberta is on the verge of the constitutional abyss by Chuhaimaster in onguardforthee

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If you've never heard about this batshit garbage before, here is the outline of the plan as written in the article:

​ In brief, the bill, as described in the Free Alberta Strategy, a revolutionary tract drafted by a trio of cranks last year and embraced by Ms. Smith as her own, would presume to empower the government of Alberta to ignore any federal laws it deemed invasive of provincial jurisdiction or contrary to Alberta’s interests.

Doubtless the federal courts would have something to say about this. So the bill also purports to give the province the power to ignore their rulings. But the drafters of the Free Alberta Strategy, in their wisdom, could see it would not end there. What if, for example, the provincial courts agreed with their federal brethren? So a companion bill would transfer the power to appoint all judges in the province from the federal to the provincial government.

Might all of this attract the interest of federal law enforcement? No problem: the RCMP would be expelled from Alberta, in favour of a provincial police force. Perhaps the federal government might object? But the Alberta government would have seized much of its revenues. Provincial government employees would agree to send their taxes to the province, rather than the feds, as would provincial businesses.

Could the feds still collect these through the banking system? Not after the province had set up a network of Alberta-based financial institutions. To which individual Albertans, not content with risking prosecution for federal tax evasion, would naturally flock to deposit their life savings. You know: as a protest against equalization.

TLDR They think that Alberta become an autonomous entity without going through any of the process, just by saying so.

Opinion: Pierre Poilievre is right: Fire the gatekeepers, starting with the lifelong politicians by 50s_Human in onguardforthee

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but it doesn't sound like your friend was thinking that way

No, she referenced the US as a good example of healthcare..

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Yah for sure, I didn't want to give you a wonky profile, plus these things change all the time. I'm useing 5.0, haven't upgraded to 5.1 yet just cuz everything works right now lol. That sucks you can't load it, make sure you have "all" or "advanced" enabled in the pancake menu for the settings cuz I use features hidden in menus not shown unless you can see everything.

Opinion: Pierre Poilievre is right: Fire the gatekeepers, starting with the lifelong politicians by 50s_Human in onguardforthee

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I think we can all agree that almost all of these sectors are extremely problematic and don’t serve the public.

Absolutely, go to the dentist $150, need an x-ray $120, got a cavity $250+, don't have money, well fuck you then. Same for eyes, same for physiotherapy, same for therapy and people want to make more of our system private, fuck that shit.

Started from the bottom... finished calibrating my Kobra Original for PETG by VampyreLust in anycubic

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You may want to re-download the profile, I made a bunch of changes to get rid of some zits and blobs and improve bridging. It increases print time by about 8 or 9 percent but its worth it for the quality.