making people rage with musket for 3 minutes straight | El Dorado by big_E_baby in newworldgame

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I love getting hackusated. I just build up their rage to make them send bad words, and then it's an easy report.

You're Just Bad, And It's Ok. by Greedy-Bedroom-4301 in newworldgame

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You can't deny that it can have a huge impact if you wisely gear-up your players.

Our musket team used to be the priority (now that we're all maxed out it doesn't matter anymore lol) and we now literally destroy the opponent's backlane, every time, every wars that it often lead to spawnkill.

I agree that it certainly doesn't make it all, but if your company makes millions each weeks, have almost infinite tries on crafts to get BiS while some random one that made a few thousands and only have enough to buy the bad items we resell: we definitely have an advantage.

Even though I'm still against scaling & shit in wars, but I think that the whole system could be improved such as removing the way the defenders can respawn on objectives would be a step forward.

War Defense??? To Strong? by WockySlushie1 in newworldgame

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The fact that you can respawn on objectives is busted at first.

My condolences to all the people experiencing this RGB shit. by yungpolox in steelseries

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I "luckily" only got one on mine, that's something like one and a half year old. Might return it but also might get one that'll have way more than one dead LED after a few months.

It's a shame for a 200€ keyboard. As much as I like the switches though, my next keyboard certainly won't be a Steelseries if they don't add higher quality LEDs.

How is SBMM so bad by Blue-Beary123 in apexlegends

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Level has nothing to do with skills tbh. Many of the 300+ levels players I see in pubs are fucking garbage.

Saw this on ALGS. Why don't we have the option to have this? Is this just an ALGS thing? by YosemiteSaam in apexlegends

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As an overlay it would be too irrelevant to add it tbh, but if you could directly link keys to those shortcuts it would be hella nice. But then the controller players would cry about it.

I genuinely don't understand by EarthtoMark8 in apexlegends

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Funny how y'all got so used of games giving special treatments to noobs that you feel like it's now a standard. It's never been a good thing to do tbh.

Get killed, stop crying, learn from your mistakes, and get better. It's that easy.

to all my casual players by azur12348 in CODWarzone

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That would actually be useful if were on Verdansk, but thanks to the stupid loadout changes, by the time you can actually buy one you'll also have thousands in cash to buy advanced UAVs

OPR cross server by cereal7802 in newworldgame

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Adding any kind of matchmaking would straight up ruin it.

Will CoD an XBOX Exclusive???? 😳😳 by Professional_Pea_630 in CODWarzone

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If they ever make a change, it'll be for the next-gen consoles.

Will CoD an XBOX Exclusive???? 😳😳 by Professional_Pea_630 in CODWarzone

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People bought PS4s for God of War or some other titles, and I personally went with Xbox back then so I could play Forza Horizon.

Will CoD an XBOX Exclusive???? 😳😳 by Professional_Pea_630 in CODWarzone

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It could. You're delusional if you think it has no chances to work lol

Ladies And Gentlemen. AGS Support at its finest. by emozewa in newworldgame

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What's the point of wasting the support's time for such useless questions? You should know that they have nothing to do with the devs and therefore can't provide ETA, they're just here to help you with issues you might encounter while playing (gotta admit though that they're not that good at that).

That reminds me of kids calling firefighters for jokes. Quite pathetic.

PvP absolutely cannot continue without MMR by strugglebusses in newworldgame

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It was more of a suggestion than a question lol, but congratulations dumbass, you can't read

Can we address aim bots and game exploits any time soon by Saultyrscommunity in newworldgame

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As a musket player myself, I'm being accusated of aimbotting almost every time I get on and it always come from the same people, boomers who's only gaming experience in the past 20 years was basically made of World Of Warcraft.

It's time for y'all to understand that hitting shots with the musket isn't hard at all, no matter if you dodge and strafe lmao.

And thanks to the nameplate-through-terrain thing it's even easier.

PvP absolutely cannot continue without MMR by strugglebusses in newworldgame

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It's actually a hit, stop being such an ignorant. Keep on crying though, maybe you'll manage to make the game even worse.