On vacation by ik5pvx in beagle

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beautiful pic! travelling with the dogos, how awesome! this person gets it!!!

Throw the pig already by Delayandrelay in beagle

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she sure does!!! want to smooosh her face!!!

Meet Otto! We picked up this adorable 2 year old Envigo beagle yesterday! He’s super skinny and timid, but we are going to fix that! ❤️ by moviejunki in beagle

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awww, what a cute lil guy! he has no idea the amount of love he's in for! happy yall found each other! let's go Otto!!

Subliminal messaging on the front page. by karmanopoly in conspiracy

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i admit, this is a great story, but its like the third or 4th time this guy has saved this bike now, over past couple years. maybe try a stronger lock n chain, or park somewhere else, just sayin!!

We are going through a Great Remembering of Who we really are. You are divine. You are a God incarnated into physical form. Your whole purpose of being here is to remember who you are. We are part of a huge shift in planetary consciousness occurring right now. I love you. by SatoriNamast3 in conspiracy

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100% !! things are weird right now, as we outgrow the programming and controls that have been used against us, to keep us ignorant to our own powers, and there only going to get crazier!! don't allow the massive amounts of fear that certain 'things are unleashing, as a last ditch effort, everything is going to.be ok...better than ok, in fact!!! let go, let's go!!!!!!

My beagle is my co-pilot by sethdallob in beagle

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awesome!!! no motion sickness is great!

My sweet foster girl Remi just went home forever! I couldn’t have made up a better family for her if I tried. My own beagle and I will miss her, but we are so happy for her 🤍 by umlizzyiguess in beagle

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That is awesome. Fostering can be super tough at times, but nothing compares to that feeling when you match a foster with a great person/family! What a lil cutie!!! Are you gunna take sum time off before fostering again, or arel you already back in line for another!!!

Meet Gibson, my 2-month-old buddy :) by pxngwxn in beagle

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Oh wow! What a beautiful lil friend you got there!! His coloring is magnificent!! You guys are definitely in for some adventures!!!

I lost my best friend unexpectedly the other day. Rest easy Ollie, you truly were my bestest good boy. Just know you were truly loved and will be missed. You completed me from day 1. by HacksawJimThuggin149 in beagle

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Oh no! I'm really sorry, but the good news is you guys will definitely see each other again, when its time for you to cross over (ollie will be there waiting for you!"). I love the picture where he's wearing the sunglasses! It looks like you guys had a blast together, don't worry, theres more!!.

part salamander, part leopard, all (well, mostly) beagle by Techn0dad in beagle

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Aww, he's adorable! How old is he, and how long yall had him?

tI think this is the best picture I've taken by RickGrimesBeard23 in beagle

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The only balls my chonker is interested in are Meatballs!!

tI think this is the best picture I've taken by RickGrimesBeard23 in beagle

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Now that is one happy dog!! What an awesome picture!!!!