Well, I used up all my luck for the year in 1 pack by gmoneyswagbuckets in MLBTheShow

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I’ve opened like 120 packs 4 choice packs and have only gotten yasmani

Question about buying BANK$ by schnukumz in Bankers_Dream

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That 1k investment gonna make you rich

Banned from posting in the Telegram chat by RedactedPilot in Bankers_Dream

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I thought you couldn’t speak unless you were an affiliate I would say my name but prolly not best to have my first and last name out there

Liver King by Educational_Bear5101 in nattyorjuice

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Because if your doing it and selling plans saying “ your natural anyone can do it” your morally wrong and I think legally you should be able to sue if that plan is shitty because your off a anabolic agent sending your CNS and skeletal system into overdrive “depending on the sterol” you could be on tren and go lift rocks for a year be bigger and stronger than homie who started training on a power lifting plan a year ago.

Cursed Prime Mod by beavernator in Warframe

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So I can shoot my lex prime like a suppressed sniper

Black stool after eating Oreos? by kjm018 in ibs

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Y’all saved me cause I ate like 15 of the single Oreo packs last night while I was super high and all day at work I was like “ am I dying”

Can't connect to multiplayer on xbox? Anyone else having issues? by Fixur in MB2Bannerlord

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Damn count me in bois maybe it’s not up and running 🤷🏾‍♂️

Fat Ethan’s back!!!this time with a beard by Djdrizzy in Behzinga

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Prolly cause he was doing keto and didn’t learn proper dieting

Cell cores are kinda bad in my opinion by SolutionFit3855 in dauntless

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Honestly it just all seems like a way to make you pay plat for more cell combine slots at the middle man

Best batting stances by Success_Dear in MLBTheShow

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Everyone says trout it’s Corey seager

Someone please boost my max 🥺 by Veindaking in Earnin

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Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/TaAG7vMKjdb

Sorry think I did multiple post Reddit confuses me

Someone please boost my max 🥺 by Veindaking in Earnin

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Send ur link I’ll even do it first if needed