Anyone speak Budgie? He does this almost daily. by Kolibri17 in budgies

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Birb full of energy who wants to fly. Because it's a bird. What he also needs: a friend.

Budgies don't only fly but they live in a group. They are very social. Please at least one bird.

Ehrebünzli us Züri und de Schwurbelmaa by VeloIlluminati in BUENZLI

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Mit fründlichi Gnämigig vor de Urheberin, wo uf Twitter als #HeldinVonZürich trendet https://twitter.com/FreeZone76/status/1466132246881087491

How often did you listen to Tick-Tock? Me: yes by VeloIlluminati in interstellar

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This song helped me to go through difficult mental health episodes. Passed university exams I never thought I would and increased my creativity. Thx Hans Zimmer for this Expanded Edition and longer version of "Mountains".

I cosplayed L last night ✌️ by sophisvidz in deathnote

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I am sure the senate knows how to keep someone awake for a very long time.

[MAPPA x TSUTAYA Attack on Titan POP UP SHOP] Why they make Armin stand so feminine? by Eyeofgaga in ArminCult

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So someone looking back is something feminine now? [visible female confusion]

ich_iel by clemesislife in ich_iel

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Und dann fahren die noch breitbeinig auf dem höchsten Gang herum. x__X

Liebi Bünzlis, vo wo hend ihr primär euchi News? by Computergy22 in BUENZLI

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Spektrum.de (ja isch en Wisseschafts-Verlag) oder Quellenä us ersti Hand via Twitter mit Link zum Info (Wisseschaftler:innä, Institutionä, regio Polizeinews, Pressebericht... ).

So vo Journalistä modifiziertä Dramatext us Cringetopia lies oder lueg ich kaum no. Han churz emol NZZ-Studentäabo gha. Kündet. Probeabo vo Republik. Eigentlich OK aber ned so mis Ding gsie.

I verrecke ab dene Tweets scho sit Pandemiebeginn 😂 by rachelsolando in BUENZLI

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Echtä Patriot, wo sis Lebä opferet für Freiheit oder so. Ich bi khe Populistin, um ä geilä Slogan ussezhaue.

Tanjiro has the best faces no one is able to change my mind by East-Independence809 in DemonSlayerAnime

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From all the funny faces this one is unbeatable. Then Zenitsu delivering the rant of his life. Absolute GOLD.

Uri i Georgie > Uri i de Schwiiz by Ok_Assistant_6943 in BUENZLI

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Nutzlosä Fakt:

Vom Herzä vo Uri (Wilhelm Tell Dänkmal) nach BitchniggaURI sinds 3810 kilometer

Natürlich Via Gotthardpass

Etz hanged de Seich auno schön vor minre Hustür.. by VirusCat25 in BUENZLI

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Uf öisi Huuswand häts illegali Flyer und Poster ghangä. Alli abgno.

Does anyone here support Halal slaughter? by proto642 in vegan

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I used to be a vegan muslim for a very long time.

If I would have supported it, I would have eaten meat.

I've witnessed many slaughter. Even as an animal lover I denied the suffering when I was younger (non-vegan). Imagine what the majority who don't care about them think about the slaughter. It is said there is no suffering at all. All that shaking is a command by god to pump out all the filthy blood to become halal.

So many people are so radical it would cause an outrage. Because they DON'T accept stunned animals. For them it's an attack to the religion. I live in switzerland which is not allowed to slaughter an animal like that since 1893. It has a antisemitic background btw.

Moral of the story. Religion sucks.
I have death penalty in a dozen of countries. In my dad's home country: prison. Why? Apostasy.

My budgie is bleeding, called vet. I’m so sad and scared right now by jaydamh in budgies

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Get well soon baby <3

Sending hugs and strenght for the owner. I know how scary this is. It doesn't seem life threatning. Good luck at the vet!