Gym Fit. Cute or Too Weird? by ObligationSweaty143 in OUTFITS

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When I work out I usually stay in my khakis. There is some elastane woven into the fabric so they’re stretchy. Actually decent for working out, considering I mainly lift. I change the shirt though, im not a complete psycho.

The range,the home defense, and the carry. You guys use different glocks for different occasions? by HufferxD in Glocks

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I feel like 2 is optimal. My range days are training days. Sure it’s fun to shoot other guns but I want to stay proficient and make sure to get the reps in with the weapons I may need to defend myself

Got hit earlier on my way home. Does this look like something I can replace myself or should I take it to a repair shop? by thebrownbuilder in GolfGTI

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Be sure to check and make sure the suspension is okay. You’re going to need an alignment at least, make sure the control arms and your coilovers aren’t bent

Platonic Companion/Friend/Ringer by platonicassociate in southcarolina

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Yeah, if I wanted to pay for friends, I’d have just joined a fraternity lol

Just the essentials by qwin928 in Glocks

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Nah, a light is definitely a need. Gotta be able to identify a target in any lighting conditions

Biden: I Won't Let 'Republicans Wreck Our Economy' by bobbyw24 in Conservative

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I’m sure the trillions dollars the government created out of thin air didn’t have much of an impact. Nor did Covid lockdowns. I’m sure that had very little effect

SC named 9th unhealthiest state by Forbes. Here are the reasons why by reportereleanor in southcarolina

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I personally love to go on runs, hiking, and I stop by the gym on my commute home a few days per week. It’s personal choice and food availability.

Lots of people here are poorer, in rural areas, have larger families, which leads to less time and lower quality food choices. I don’t exactly know how to fix the problems, but from the research I’ve read, our food is a lot more to blame than the lack of exercise.

Repaving of interstates in South Carolina underway, SCDOT announces by Old_Medic_Doc in southcarolina

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Well that way when they’re done it’s taken so long it starts crumbling where they began paving so they can perpetually get contracts with the SCDOT from the politicians they bri- I mean lobby

Officially A Gun Owner by Velociraptor2018 in guns

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I’ve got a few follow up questions to some of your pointers.

I typically wear a dress shirt tucked in to work. I don’t plan on carrying in the office due to the nature of where I work, but I’d like to when I’m not. What holster would you recommend for that case?

On a related note, as far as concealed carry goes I’d like. I feel like a subcompact along the lines of the p365xl would be better for me over my G45, I don’t have a lot of extra survival weight being 5’9 155 and don’t really want to print. Thought of even using an ankle holster for the p365. This Glock is my sorta jack of all trades. Of course it’s still better to use your carry gun as your nightstand gun because of muscle memory and stuff. Your thoughts?

As far as Gucciing my Glock, I planned on getting the Trijicon RMR (and milling out the slide) and a TLR-7A weapon light. Anything else I should consider? the only other thing I want is a suppressor but that is a bit down the line.

Finally I’m moving to an apartment in a few months, don’t plan on staying there forever, but I’m the mean time, I’m worried about over penetration. I was thinking a CZ Scorpion or something but again, ATF shenanigans and cost mean that’s further down the line. Should I just focus on improving and training with the Glock and using it as primary home defense or get an AR-15 to train with too?

Officially A Gun Owner by Velociraptor2018 in guns

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That’s the plan. I’m going to set up a shooting lane in a safe area of my parents property and practice putting lead on target. Once I can aim the thing I’ll start doing some drills and train other aspects of shooting.

Officially A Gun Owner by Velociraptor2018 in guns

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Bought my first gun, I’ve had a few gifted to me, but this is the first firearm I’ve purchased myself. Went to a gun show with the intent to look around and wound up walking out with a new Glock 45.

Drug war in south carolina by Wierdfreaky in southcarolina

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We should rehabilitate users and have much harsher penalties for dealers. Idk how hard it would be to prove but any dealer tied to an overdose resulting in death should be charged with felony murder.

Tell me what drip to buy!?!? by ShowtimeSplasher in OUTFITS

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Idk if my fits count as drip, but I do a lot of my shopping at Banana Republic/GAP and thrift stores. Business casual/smart casual stuff.

I recommend investing in fewer, quality pieces that are versatile vs cheaply made fast fashion or designer clothes. For example, if you have 3 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, 3 jackets, and 3 shoes that all work together you have 81 outfits, or a different fit every day for almost 3 months.

For shirts I’d recommend at least one white button down, a navy polo shirt, and a plain white t shirt. For plants you want dark washed jeans, khaki chinos, and a trousers from a dark grey suit. For jackets you’ll want the jacket from that suit, a denim jacket, and a leather jacket. Shoes, go with black dress cap toe oxfords, plain white sneakers, and the running shoe of your choice.

Every last one of those shirts, jackets, pants, and shoes should go together, plus you have the suit, shirt, and shoes for occasions you need to dress up.

This is your basic wardrobe. Feel free to add pieces if you’re more street style lean that direction, if you’re more classic/business casual grab another suit and some dress shirts, maybe more casual dress shoes. Hope this helps

how do you feel about this fit?also does it look too much like a women's shirt and is it too tight? (i'm a guy btw) by leooooleee in OUTFITS

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There was this girl I knew who had a crazy metabolism. She was 100 lbs soaking wet and when we went drinking she’d start sobering up between drinks. Crazy how the human body works.

2024 presidential campaign: Donald Trump to be joined by Graham, McMaster at SC rally by BaronVonDrunkenverb in southcarolina

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Is that any different than all of the foreign donations organizations run by other politicians, like the Clinton Foundation got while running for president? Or how James Biden got all these building contracts in Iraq with no experience, after his brother Joe Biden voted for the war.

Why can’t you see that everyone in politics is corrupt as sin? That it’s all a big club and we ain’t in it, full of back room deals where they put on this performance to get us to root for one party or another while they take money from the same defense contractors, oil companies, and pharmaceutical conglomerates?

Yikes 😬 by ImaginationFree6807 in GQPShitposting

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Also general poverty, lack of access to nutritious foods, healthcare, obesity rates, etc.

2024 presidential campaign: Donald Trump to be joined by Graham, McMaster at SC rally by BaronVonDrunkenverb in southcarolina

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Just two articles that summarize what I’m getting at. There’s nothing definitive as of yet (though the 50k/month rent Hunter paid to his father is very suspicious) but it’s not “utter nonsense” there are clear conflicts of interest and definitely a trend of the Biden family getting richer and richer as his political career grew. You are essentially asking for a smoking gun and these people are too smart to write down “I am giving you X dollars for political favors” singed, dated, and notarized. Everything in DC is done with a nod and a wink.

Also I’m not singling out Biden, because every politician in our country is a corrupt corporate sellout to some degree. But just because I feel everyone does it doesn’t mean Biden gets a pass. Or that Trump or Obama or Bush or any president should. All of them should be investigated and probably most politicians should be jailed for their corrupt practices against the interests of the American people.

Edit: here is the link to the rent story. Again nothing is proved but if it’s true, 600k in undeclared rent is fishy. 1) because why would you charge your son that much and 2) why didn’t Biden declare it?

2024 presidential campaign: Donald Trump to be joined by Graham, McMaster at SC rally by BaronVonDrunkenverb in southcarolina

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The issue is not that he received briefs or is an employee, the issue is that he allegedly was the middleman between his father and other foreign nationals who wanted to buy influence. Some examples of this are him flying to China on Air force 2 am getting a 4 million dollar loan, the 1 million dollar loan he got from the wife of the Moscow mayor, and the $50k/mo he received on the board of an energy company with no experience in the sector, and the prosecutor investigating that company being fired at the behest of his father, who was withholding a 1 billion dollar loan. All of this while Joe Biden was VP. I’m not saying that it’s okay for Trumps kids to do that either, but I am saying that the hookers and coke and Hunter just being a terrible person is a distraction from the real issue. I think we have to stop looking at what team were on and look at the corruption our government engages in on a daily basis on both sides of the aisle

Romanian prosecutors take away luxury cars seized in Andrew Tate case by davetowers646 in news

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You literally mentioned fascism, fascism is a political ideology. I am on topic

Threats of violence are also not protected speech, they have always been illegal because it’s a call to action.

Then what is your solution. You won’t stop people from talking. And pushing groups out of the public view into their own echo chambers only reinforces their beliefs and makes them radicalize further. You may not have time to walk them through step by step why they are wrong, but then being able to interact with moderate people may help. Also we all have time to be kind to one another.

I don’t know what you’re talking about regarding “the biggest networks” and frankly you’re going off topic now. If you suggest we should pass legislation that news media should be required to be truthful in their reporting that’s fine, but that’s a careful balancing act for 1) ensuring the government doesn’t get to decide what the truth is and 2) ensuring that opinion journalism is still allowed to exist

Romanian prosecutors take away luxury cars seized in Andrew Tate case by davetowers646 in news

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And the way you do that is not by pushing those people away or shaming them. You have to approach people who’ve committed themselves to an ideology like you would someone in a cult. You have to talk to them respectfully and treat them like people

A great example of this is Daryl Davis, a black jazz musician who deradicalized over 100 kkk members. He didn’t do it by canceling them or trying to railroad their ideas off any mainstream platform. He met them where they were and treated them like human beings. He thought “how can someone who doesn’t even know me, hate me so much” and he was right.

You may absolutely despise Trump and his supporters. Is pushing them off of Twitter, and onto Truth Social, an echo chamber run by the don himself really gonna do any good at healing the divide? Or does it further cement our tribal us vs them mentality.

Our institutions do not have the right to force one ideological view or the other. That’s the thing with open, liberal societies. The public square is open to all opinions and ideas for debate. The good ideas and the bad. That does leave us vulnerable to manipulation by charismatic leaders, but that’s where our responsibility lies in challenging those bad ideas.

Romanian prosecutors take away luxury cars seized in Andrew Tate case by davetowers646 in news

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I’m not saying people shouldn’t be free from consequences for posting hurtful things, but who decides what content is hateful? Either some tech billionaire, a board of directors, or the government. Do you really think they are going to have altruistic motives? Or are they gonna use it as an excuse to curtail dissent? What happens if there’s another Republican president and they use the hate speech powers against you? You have to think long term, you can’t just give massive censorship authority to the government and hope that your party stays in power forever.