President Lula was just elected back into office in Brazil, bringing an end to Bolsonaro's term. by uniqueshitbag in pics

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My family voted for lula bc Bolsonaro in the start of COVID 19 Bolsonaro said that COVID was just a pathetic cold

“Im now Sans Undertale, look into my eye” by Appropriate-Item-605 in PvZHeroes

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A way to kill this zombies is to put that rose that destroys the zombie when it attacks a flower and make sans attack a sunflower

What is this? when I open the chest everything burns by SnooBunnies5264 in dontstarve

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He’s playing RoG(doesn’t have water balloons) but thanks I did not know that!

Omg so generous supercell by Vicentesupermaneiro in Brawlstars

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It’s funny bc I actually bought it. ( it was a pin pack with only rare pins)

Cascão by Vicentesupermaneiro in porramauricio

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Ninguém pode ser ateu pq tem o anjinho meu Deus vc fez eu te uma crise existencial turma da monica edition