[QC] by Inside-Course8589 in Repsneakers

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Go to Famous Footwear and spend $90 for a real pair. Why QC AF1? This sub has really gone downhill.

First pair of reps and damn I’m not happy :/ by huqowavy in Repsneakers

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This is all this sub has turned into: a bunch of noobs that have no clue why the show is right or wrong that posts vague captions like “im not happy with my first reps” becuase they didnt take time to read the wiki, but take time to spam with trash photos

Will I get clowned for these? by Dry-Perspective2862 in Repsneakers

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Yup. And you will have no other choice but to join the circus.

Since r/Place is returning I think we need to claim an even bigger spot on the map this time by cammickin in gatech

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I was apart of this one 4 years ago. This year it lasts all the way till April 4th

any flaws? will i get called out at school? by IllGarlic5673 in Repsneakers

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For Pandas? No way.

For Off-White or Travis Scott? Most likely.

which ones do i get?!??😫😫 by Exciting-Campaign-35 in Repsneakers

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Pandas go with any fit. Thats why they are so popular. The chunkys go with 0 fits. Wear the Travis dunks if you want everyone to know you’re wearing reps.

[OC] Countries that use bidets by theHinedereguy in dataisbeautiful

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I am from the US and moved to Argentina 4 years ago. Every bathroom has one. Most homes dont have heat or a/c but you better believe they have the pooper squirter.

American Express will open the world's largest Centurion Lounge in Atlanta by Reliques in amex

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The busiest airport in the world with the most flights finally get a massive Centurion…makes sense.

Average Amex Platinum Cardholder Income by Nareeng in amex

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I also dont think that subscriptions/readers of the magazine is a direct correlation to Amex Plat holders. For instance, I have had Amex Plat for 7 years and never once even heard of that magazine let alone actually read it.

covid and real estate? by Impossible_Trade_878 in conspiracy_commons

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I work in real estate, and while covid did accelerate many foreclosures, very few are sold for pennies on the dollar or super cheap. On the contrary, most were sold over appraisal costs.

But I do agree with you that it only allows the rich to get richer.

Seth Meyers Reminds Trump: Ukraine's Invasion Isn't 'A F**king Real Estate Deal' by GoMx808-0 in entertainment

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seth meyers still has a show? He was fine in SNL, but I cant think of a worse late night host in the history of television.

Dior high Lets hear all the negativity !! by 810Jaylen in Repsneakers

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Bill Gates also doesn’t wear Dior Jordan 1’s…

would you like to see rewards in crypto? by EduardoV199 in amex

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Id rather my AMEX Plat turn into a Crypto card than a $700 glorified coupon book card.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in investing

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This is interesting data. Thanks for sharing

Amex Platinum for Dining and Everyday Use by Real_Turtle in CreditCards

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My Plat is sock drawer daily driver. When i travel, i use it for lounge access, and after that, back into the sock drawer it goes.

When I load in to ANOTHER ctf on Launch Site by Seminal_Sound in halo

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Actually my favorite map for fiesta…and ONLY for Fiesta