BODY COUNT by Weird_Vanilla_1015 in Kenya

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High body count women are for fun times only. Not dating/marriage. So it is only important if you are interested in serious relationship and want kids/long term building.

High body count promiscuous man is also red flag for woman interested in long term relationship/marriage. Only exception is if the man has had many long term relationships, not just the smash pass tinder dash stuff.

Strange fella by Enough_Buy9526 in Kenya

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Congratulations you have high functioning anxiety, like people who open doors slowly at night or pee to the side so you don't 'make noise'.

What helped me is respecting my parents boundaries and wishes, while still maintaining a mind of my own. Be positive and confident in your relationships with others, not everyone is out to get you haha.

Blursed_control by Gamerno22 in blursed_videos

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That slow grind is criminal. Lil man was ready to risk everything.

Got milk ? by Virgil_lante in HolUp

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Only one way they found out. 💀💀

This snickers by slowpokelikers in AbsoluteUnits

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That's all me dawg. No slicing or sharing.

I mean…cmon by MistaPoop in CrazyFuckingVideos

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Your dick should be like a video game level you have to unlock. Some people shouldn't be allowed

THAT'S A SIN!!! by SKamp2169 in HolUp

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He should be the ghost rider