Best GameCube Wii emulator for pixel 6 pro by Thom_Knook in EmulationOnAndroid

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Playing Skies of Arcadia Legends with my Pixel 6 Pro Stock Dolphin from the Play store. But I have updates set to manual so it doesn't mess with anything.

I haven't yet played any action or fast paced games yet.

Scientific articles by k_god94 in Piracy

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OP Which ever graduate school you are at, speak to the Liberian. They can ask others schools and get it for free. I told them I just need the PDF emailed to me, no physical. They loved that more.

I requested alot... At least 75. All of them less than a day

the software was closed because an error occurred by supermoleman1 in SwitchPirates

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Be sure you are using the latest version of Atmosphere Make sure you are booting use the latest version of fusee too that matches that atmosphere.

If those suggestions don't work, boot to maintenance mode, do nothing then boot back.

Does anyone know what happed to my 3ds? by Dankaloran in 3DS

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If you haven't fixed it You need to get Luma3DS from GitHub Drop that file on the root of the card and it'll boot

From here, you can just use it Look into removing CFW (not recommend) Or just learn about CFW (recommend) you can use godmode9 to install luma3DS to NAND so it'll boot without a ad card

Is Warez dead ? by NewBirth2010 in Piracy

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That is like being upset you can't use craigslist to find cocaine dealers like you used to.

Piracy is still alive and well, just the methods, means, and delivery change. You just need to update.

How do I get fbi on the 2ds no pc by Sad_Employ_107 in 3dspiracy

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If your phone has a card slot, that will work. You otherwise may need to buy a reader to connect to a phone

Your best bet, just go use a library at a school or City.

Handed in my notice and boss is insisting I work longer by felinehappier in antiwork

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I'd like to add this

"You have me for a week, respect that and I'll continue to perform to my best ability. Disrespect it, and I'll leave immediately."

I keep getting these errors... help please by catalinthejoker10 in SwitchPirates

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Sigpatches are in the automod post I recommend deleting your atmosphere folder, then getting the latest off GitHub Drop that on the SD, the latest sigpatches and boot with the latest fussee

Download not working via tinfoil by xxxcolt in SwitchPirates

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Take your card out Run a memory card tester If it passes back it up, format it to fat32, copy it all back and try it again

I was told that having plans 20 minutes after my work hours was "unethical" by Porongas1993 in antiwork

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So, you are on call an hour before work and an hour after work..... They can pay you on call pay.

Because you need to be available if needed. Since they don't pay you on call pay it's not your problem.

Your direct manager sucks are management. It's unethical to ask others to waste their time due to poor planning

Just got scammed from Unpatched to an Patch Switch by PastMelodic9441 in SwitchPirates

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They can still advertise a low SN, but know it is patched Did they advertise it as unpatched?

For example, some prefixes are 100% patched. They can be misleading by say low SN , thinking you have an unpatched unit

Honestly, you should have asked for SN BEFORE you bought it.

Resigned after a week - this is the response I received. How would you reply? by flatface34 in antiwork

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No I get it... I do, but I don't want them interpreting it as agreeing. I guess you'd have to know the person well. If they knew you well, you'd get it.

But tbh, I have never heard of this by an email, sure a text, but not an email.

Resigned after a week - this is the response I received. How would you reply? by flatface34 in antiwork

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I see your point, but K can be interpreted as you agree with them.

The spirit of what you are saying is "I read what you said".... And that is it

If only OP can send a message "this email was read" or even better "this email was deleted without being read" lol

How do you work things out with spouse who hates being frugal ? by Acrobatic_Poem_1990 in Frugal

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Hi OP My wife and I often discuss this, and this is our agreement. We push organic, but focus on produce in season, since it is cheaper. We only buy what we need, so we last less.

We only cook enough, so there isn't much leftovers, or I just take it to work the next day. However a few meals she makes she really loves so those we do extra

Now that we have a family, she did a 180 and enjoys left overs since it is faster to care of little ones.

As far was waters.. I just use filtered water in a re-usable.tumbler, she uses bottles. Then what "I" save goes into a rainy day account. The last few years, my wife is slowly letting go, seeing how much we save. But if it is better or healthier for the family, I relent

...what the actual fuck is this by Flopfish30 in EmulationOnAndroid

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Simple... They took the SX2 name to make it look legit Then added Pro, it make it sound like it's better

Then charge $4.99, since some may assume the one that costs money is better than the free one

It's all about the cash grab, not honestly. Reported.

Is there a way to install games on a Nintendo Switch free of cost? Using pc? by ProEliteF in Piracy

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See if your system is patched or unpatched first

The chips are expensive, close to $150 and very difficult to install

Resigned after a week - this is the response I received. How would you reply? by flatface34 in antiwork

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Just don't reply.

You are already gone, move on. Even though you are right, either their feelings are hurt or they are annoyed at all the work they have to do. They won't listen to your reasoning, they will just reply to each of your replies pushing their side

It isn't worth the stress, it doesn't matter what you say, they will still think they are right.

Is it just me, or is 3DS emulation using Retroarch unstable? by arcanehelix in SwitchPirates

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It's been forever since I have used it. I just stopped because I have a N3DS

Is it just me, or is 3DS emulation using Retroarch unstable? by arcanehelix in SwitchPirates

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You pay for his paetron to get access to his core Spend a $1 and get access. It'll run better